Bread in the diet

 How many calories in a slice of bread depends on the variety
 Bread has a special place in the traditional food in our country. Eat a lot of bread, together with other dishes or separately. Only when faced with the need to reduce weight, many for the first time thinking how many calories in a slice of bread. Can I eat bread in the diet? On this question we will try to find the answer in this article.

The nutritional value of different types of bread

On the shelves of our shops you can find many types of bread. Are they all the same composition and energy value? of course not.

Rye bread contains 215 calories per 100 grams. This bread in the diet is recommended more often because of the relatively low caloric content. Borodino bread in the diet is also allowed. Its calorie content is 200 kcal per 100 grams. Darnitskiy bread has a comparable energy value - 210 kcal.

White bread of all kinds has more calories because of the high content of carbohydrates and fats. So, sliced ​​loaf contains 265 calories per 100 grams, wheat bread - 240 calories. White bread in the diet is not always completely eliminated, but there it is only for those who can not tolerate rye bread, for whatever reasons. It is not only more energy value of white bread. Flour in its composition is poor in vitamins and minerals, low in dietary fiber. White bread in the diet does not provide the necessary sense of satiety.

All the more popular grain bread in the diet. Calorie-grain bread of different varieties of 220-250 calories. It is made with whole grain cereal that makes this sort of bread is incredibly rich in vitamins and trace elements. Whole grains are digested slowly, so this bread in the diet helps to fight with increased appetite and not overeat.

Calories in a piece of bread

How many calories in a slice of bread depends on the weight of the product and its varieties. A standard piece of bread is considered a portion of the weight of 20-30 grams. So much weighs a piece of rye bread in a half slice thickness of 1 cm, cut from a loaf. The same weight in a piece of white bread 1 cm thick, cut from the middle of the stick. To determine how many calories in a slice of bread, one sort or another, divide calorie product to 4. For example, calorie sliced ​​loaf of 265 kilocalories per 100 grams. To find out the number of calories in the daily bread of the class divide 265 by 4. It turns out that a portion of sliced ​​loaf contains 66 calories. Borodino bread in one piece has an energy value of 50 kilocalories. Thus, the difference is not too large. The main thing is eating the bread in the diet, do not get too carried away with this product. Even from grain or rye bread can easily recover, if it has no limitations.

As bread can be eaten in the diet?

For anyone who is struggling with being overweight or simply follow the figure, the bread should be substantially limited. It is believed that it is enough to use on the day of about 50 grams of bread in the diet. It turns out that you have to limit ourselves to just two pieces. It is better if you give preference to the grain or rye bread during a restrictive diet.  Grain or rye - the best choice of bread in the diet

The bread can be eaten in the diet separately from the main meals or with soup. You should never eat pasta, cereal, potatoes, rice with bread. This meal would be too rich in carbohydrates and calories. Also, eat a diet of bread without butter or oil. This addition will significantly increase calorie servings.

Sandwiches are certainly not welcome any one power supply system for weight loss. Therefore, try to give up these snacks. The bread can be eaten in the diet and in the morning and evening. However, try not to use the bread later than 4 hours before bedtime or after 8 pm.

Bread diet

Calories in a piece of bread is not very much, but the diet should limit itself to the amount of this product. Currently, many refuse to the traditional bread loaves in favor of cereals.

Bread diet recommended by many nutritionists. Especially this applies to whole grain varieties. Bread not contain sugar, yeast, making them somewhat more useful than conventional bread.

Calories in loaves in fact, even more than in white or black bread. The average energy value of bread has about 300 calories. To product benefited, not extra weight, you need to limit your intake of breads to 50 grams per day. Bread for weight loss need to buy from whole grains with added bran. There are also bread should be of up to 50 grams per day. Calories in loaves are present due to the presence of large amounts of complex carbohydrates. These substances help losing weight a person does not experience constant hunger and maintain good health in the diet.