Soup for weight loss

The summer has passed, we have something They stopped active lifestyle. We do not often go on nature, does not indulge themselves active games and exercises. But very effectively gain weight. From this trouble we come discouraged and looking for all sorts of diets, foresee in advance as it is boring, tasteless and debilitating. And let's try something that came up with the "nasty" and mysterious Americans. And they came up with a very simple diet - soup diet. You will not believe how much fun and effective! You can have it when you want and how you want. Agree, the idea that we need to sustain a diet in which one has to eat only raw vegetables and yogurt will horrified anyone. Yes, and not just endure it will. And so - great Americans! Eat and Lose Weight.  The recipe for a delicious onion soup for weight loss

Soup for weight loss

Of course, the word means hot soup tasty dish that is so eager to eat in the dank cold day. There are a variety of soup recipes for weight loss. All of them are designed for cooking soup, which are sustained in proportion to the calorie needs of the organism in order to avoid excess weight. They provide content products, burn fat - pepper, garlic, cabbage, ginger and other spices. The soup diet you can use beans, carrots, apples. They prevent the accumulation of fats. Cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, cabbage, low in calories, and it will come to our soup diet.

Onion soup for weight loss

Let's try to cook the onion soup for weight loss. Soup recipe is very simple and quick to prepare. And it needs nothing at all. Take 5-6 medium sized onions, 2-3 tomatoes, small forks cabbage, sweet peppers 2-3, on a small bunch of dill and celery. We grind all to your taste, pour a little water, add vegetable broth, salt, give the vegetables reach readiness. Very tasty, and here is the soup calories which certainly does not exceed the norm.

Vegetable soup diet

Another soup calories below that are forcing us to buy new things. Vegetable soups are generally useful at any age. They contain a unique number of different vitamins. They must prepare to share the imagination. But there is a rule - they can not digest. Then the broth and vegetables partially lose their useful properties, but the taste and the kind of food do not cause much appetite.

Very interesting is the recipe for vegetable soup diet. And the composition of the ingredients he nezauryaden. So, prepare another vegetable soup diet.

We need one liter of tomato juice, 400 grams of canned Bulgarian red pepper, 3 - 4 ripe tomatoes, 200 - 300 ml chicken broth, 400 - 450 ml of orange juice, 2 teaspoons powdered sugar, a couple of sprigs of rosemary and spices, which you by soul. All milled breed orange and tomato juice and set on fire. Ten minutes, and we got the soup of the calories that you should not worry.  Vegetable soup - without exhausting starvation diet

Vegetable soup in the diet

Vegetable soups can be used with any diet. Soup with calories, not terrifying for dieters, always pleasant. In addition, the preparation of vegetable soups we tried to use all the vegetables, which lie on the counter or grow in our garden. All of them are good for our body. Almost a little soup cooked without the addition of carrots. Carrot regulates carbohydrate metabolism, enriches us with vitamins. Turnip replace potatoes, because it is less calories, parsnip root regulates metabolic processes, removes stones and salt; radish, a rich variety of trace elements, reduces obesity, helps blood vessels and the heart; beets with leaves rich in vitamins A and C. We can endlessly enumerate all the famous and not vegetables, and in each there is a set of useful properties. Therefore, they say - vegetable soup diet does not spoil.

As we have said, any vegetable soup, including onion soup for weight loss - a great tool to get better and not be hungry.

Recipe for vegetable soup diet you can think for yourself. Take everything that grows in the garden, buy all the bright things in the grocery store - and the effect will not take long.