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 Extra weight began to scourge of modern society: in addition to the aesthetic, they are a problem for human health. Get rid of excess weight can help juice for weight loss.

The use and effectiveness of juices for weight loss

To get started: juice for weight loss - it is delicious. Lose weight with their help not exhausting, because many of the juices are low-calorie beverages (for example, 18 kcal - calorie tomato juice). In addition, they are the source of many vitamins and minerals, the reserves of which in the body during dieting may decline.

To reduce the weight of the body juices consumed within seven days, by arranging themselves a kind juice diet. During this period you can drink any fresh juices - as fruit and vegetables. Also welcome a variety of juice mixes.

Recent scientific evidence suggests that the most useful juice for weight loss - those that contain the pulp of fruits and vegetables - fiber. The fiber that is rough vegetable fiber, like brush, collects and displays the body of accumulated therein harmful substances, excess cholesterol and the like, thereby contributing to the normalization of metabolism and effective weight loss.

It is extremely useful for getting rid of the extra kilos vegetable juices. They are prepared from conventional tomatoes and spinach, celery, asparagus, broccoli and cucumbers, beets, cabbage, carrots, pumpkins and others. They have a gentle diuretic effect and contribute to the removal of excess fluid from the body. If you regularly add vegetable juice diet crushed clove of garlic, you can also normalize your own blood pressure.

If selected for weight loss juices made from fruits, such a diet can not last more than one day. Nutritionists recommend to this end, use of pomegranate, grapefruit, watermelon, apple, orange juice and kiwi juice. It is best to plant them in half with water and drink during the day at least two liters. You can also mix the fresh fruit juices for weight loss on your own taste - while during this fasting day use of any other products is excluded. Of course, in the juices for weight loss do not add sugar or other sweeteners.

Calories in juice

Calorie juice, the most popular weight loss is as follows:

  • Orange - 36;
  • grape - 54;
  • cherry - 47;
  • Pomegranate - 64;
  • grapefruit - 36;
  • Pear - 59;
  • Peach - 69;
  • Plum - 65;
  • Pineapple - 48 kcal per 100 g of beverage.

Caloric content of tomato juice is 18 kcal for the same amount of product.

Liver cleansing juices

Modern evidence-based medicine does not share the enthusiasm for the multiple so-called purification of the body, removing toxins and other things.  Fresh juice - calorie and useful properties
 However, there are more or less dangerous methods of conducting such cleansing at home. In particular, liver cleansing juices will not bring any accompanying health problems, so if you want you can periodically conduct yourself.

On the whole, this course has no fundamental differences from the weekly consumption of juices for weight loss, is that as the basis for the preparation of beverages to choose foods that have more pronounced hepatoprotective properties.

For example, it may be fruit juice young carrots. It can be used both separately and combining with the juice of beet, cabbage, fennel, parsley, beet tops, as well as lettuce, potatoes, pumpkins, turnips and celery. Calorie juice of vegetables - about 25 kcal.

By carrot juice add a little vegetable oil to promote the absorption of vitamin A. Beet juice for cleansing the liver in its pure form for use half a cup a day, dividing the dose into three or four reception. Calories in beet juice - 42 per 100 g of beverage.