Soda baths - one of the most effective means for weight loss home.  Soda bath for weight loss at home
 Properties of soda bath slimming repeatedly mentioned in a review, nutritionists and doctors. The results showed that baking soda combined with essential oils and salt helps to activate the metabolic processes in the body. Baths with soda not only help burn fat, but also help to cleanse the body of toxins and impurities. In a review of the diet soda bath it is said that in a healthy person, it does not cause any allergic reactions.

The operating principle of the bath with baking soda

When dissolved in water, soda violent reaction takes place to form an alkaline solution. This alkaline solution contains a plurality of bubbles of carbon dioxide. Upon receipt of soda baths toned subcutaneous capillaries, activates the reaction of nerve endings.

Under the influence of carbon dioxide skin layers are heated, small vessels are narrowed. As a result, the fat cells under the skin are destroyed, and the contents of the cells outputted via pores of the skin. The fat cells in the hips and sides after soda baths slimming begin to melt. The process of disintegration of fatty acids occurs gradually. The decay rate depends on the temperature in the contact area, and the thickness of fat deposits. The review says that to get rid of excess fat in problem areas of the body, this procedure should be carried out regularly. With regular use of these baths in the cells of the epidermis is restored natural tone, gradually restored the natural elasticity of the skin.

Useful properties of soda baths

Soda baths purify the subcutaneous space of the layer of fat. But beyond that, they still have a whole range of other useful features. They help clear the lymphatic system, remove the external appearance of cellulite. With the help of these baths can be quickly rid the body of toxins in food, alcohol poisoning, with radiation exposure.

Baths with soda is useful to take when microscopic lesions on the skin, irritation, allergic reactions. With regular soda baths Slimming gets rid of sagging skin, rough and dry. Spa perfectly relieve stress and help the body to relax after work or stressful situations. They stimulate the legs in capillary and venous circulation.

The basic recipe for soda bath slimming

There are many recipes for soda baths for weight loss, but, in fact, they are all similar. To prepare the bath is necessary in a bath filled with water add about 300 grams of baking soda and about 500 grams of sea salt. The water temperature for this procedure should not exceed 39 degrees, that is, there should be neither hot nor cold. Dissolve the salt and baking soda can be hotter water, and then allowed to cool, and only then to begin the procedure. The water temperature throughout the procedure should be stable. By reducing the temperature of the water, it is necessary to immediately add the new batch of hot water.

Take a soda bath every other day is necessary. Duration of treatment - 20-25 minutes. This bath should be taken just sitting, lie in it impossible. After the bath, the body can only get wet towel. If you have time to spare, you can lie down under a blanket one to two hours. It is best to take a bath before going to bed in the evening.

For visible results have to spend about ten procedures. Before taking a bath, to achieve the best result, it is possible to warm up the body of moderate aerobic exercise such as a walk in the park. Repeat ten-day course is possible only after two months break.  The mechanism of action of soda bath for weight loss

Harm soda baths slimming

The result of the use of soda baths will be noticeable if the parallel with water treatments do not forget the principles of proper nutrition. Otherwise from such baths is not the desired effect.

Harm soda bath slimming the human body can cause elevated pressure, diabetes. In chronic diseases before the course of water treatment is advisable to consult your doctor. Your doctor may prescribe a minimum acceptance baths sessions.

In the absence of direct contraindications soda bath slimming should be taken with caution. With increased heart rate, high blood pressure is necessary to immediately stop the procedure.