Skinny Diet

 Skinny diet - one of the most severe and radical diets
 Are you ready for tough measures? Skinny diet - one of the most radical fashion diets in Europe. If you need to get rid of excess weight, and you are ready for serious testing, this type of diet will do.

Skinny diet helps to quickly lose a significant portion of the weight due to low caloric intake.

There are several variations of this diet. Consider two of the most popular and effective option.

Skinny diet for a week

During the diet you should carefully treat the state of health in the event of severe weakness, head pain or fainting you need to stop the diet. One of the highlights in this diet - slowing metabolism. Therefore, out of the need to gradually lean diet, otherwise you run the risk of rapidly gain weight again. After the end of the weekly diet in your diet should prevail fruits and vegetables as well as lean meats and fish.

Within 7 days of lean diet drinks can be consumed mineral water without gas, black tea and unsweetened juices (apple, grapefruit, orange and pomegranate). Juices should not be bleached, pomegranate juice must be diluted with water at a ratio of 1: 2, to drink it after a meal to ½ cup. The day is allowed to use no more than 800 ml of juice.

Menu lean diet schedule:

  • Thursday: skim milk (1 liter), mineral water and tea;
  • Saturday: 200 g fat-free yogurt, 800 ml of juice;
  • Wednesday: Only mineral water (without gas) and regular water;
  • Saturday: 4 potatoes, boiled in their jackets without salt, 800 ml of juice;
  • Monday: 5 green apples medium size;
  • Saturday: 200g of cooked meat without salt (for example, chicken breast), 800 ml of juice;
  • Sunday: 1 liter of nonfat yogurt and water.

In the opinion of lean diet is quite complicated, but if you observe strictly all the recommendations, it is possible to lose 5-7 kg per week.

In this embodiment, a lean diet is not recommended to comply with more than 7 days, as it may be a lack of essential nutrients.

Weight loss, in the opinion on the lean diet for the week of 4-6 kg.

Skinny diet for 14 days

This version of the diet is suitable only for those who have experience in a rigid diet for at least a week. Without pretreatment compliance with such a rigid and prolonged dieting can be dangerous to health, as the consumption of calories with very little food. The diet of lean diet for 14 days close to absolute starvation.

For 14 days you can lose weight by 7-9 kg.

Menu lean diet for 14 days

Day 1: only green tea without sugar;  On the first day of lean diet for 14 days you can drink only green tea is unsweetened

Day 2: 1 liter of nonfat yogurt;

Day 3: mineral water without gas;

Day 4: 1 large green apple;

Day 5: 1 liter of low-fat (1, 5%) milk;

Day 6: only green tea without sugar;

Day 7: 1 liter of milk;

Day 8: 2 green apples;

Day 9: 1 liter of yogurt;

10 Day: 2 fresh cucumber;

Day 11: only green tea;

Day 12: 1 liter of milk;

Day 13: 3 green apples;

Day 14: mineral water.

In the opinion of lean diet for 14 days rather difficult tolerated, there is the risk of anorexia (complete rejection of food). However, this version of the diet is very effective. It is especially important during a diet drink plenty of fluids and do not overwork.

After 14 days of lean diet right way is very important. The first days after the diet can only eat juice (diluted with water), and then gradually introduced into the diet of steamed vegetables, fruit teas. During the lean diet and the first week after the use of salt is prohibited.

Is it worth it to expose your body in such a tough test for the sake of losing weight - decide.

If you are going to comply with any version of lean diet, you should consult with your doctor, because such stringent restrictions may adversely affect your health.