Fastest Diet

 Generally effective and fastest diet diet is considered Weekend
 Often there are situations when you need to get rid of the extra kilos in the short term - for one or two days. To achieve this commonly held the fastest diet, or so-called "express diet."

The fastest weight loss diet

Among the very fast diets usually allocate some of the most effective when in a short time can achieve drastic weight loss. Although most nutritionists advise to lose weight gradually, "express diet" still remain popular enough to quickly bring the weight back to normal.

One of the fastest diets, reviews, a day off the diet. Typically, such fasting days are advised to spend it on the weekend, so that you can spend a lot of time outdoors and do not experience stress at work because of a possible weakness and irritability.

During this diet should not snack between meals and drinking any beverage in addition to pure non-carbonated water. In order to reduce the feeling of hunger, an hour before breakfast definitely need to drink a glass of warm water. Breakfast is the fastest diet includes a few pieces of bread. If desired, they can be spread with low-fat butter. In addition, the breakfast includes a glass of tea without sugar (you can with honey) and one big grapefruit.

During lunch, you can not drink any beverages. The menu includes boiled chicken (no more than 100 grams) without spices, salad of boiled vegetables (no more than 200 grams) and an orange.

At lunch the fastest diet can drink a glass of herbal tea. Dinner consists of a fruit salad with lemon juice (200 g), steamed fish (up to 100 g) and a glass of low-fat yogurt.

Another fastest weight loss diet is a diet designed for a few days, which reduces the weight of two to five kilograms. To achieve the greatest effect is recommended to drink at night any laxative to clean the intestines of toxins.

On the first day of the diet you can drink a liter of nonfat yogurt and drink unlimited amounts of pure or mineral non-carbonated water. During the second day of the super fast diet you can eat a glass of boiled rice without oil, spices and salt. Figure can be divided into several stages. Also, be aware that the morning of the third day should not start with the sweets and fatty foods, and to consolidate the results obtained in the following days to observe the best possible low-calorie diet.

Principles of individual super fast diet

Nutritionists point out that the effect of very fast diets is different, and quite difficult to predict how many will lose a kilo, observing them.

The fastest diets, reviews, most often the individual diet based on several principles of effective weight loss. Before you take your figure, consider that an effective diet must meet several requirements. Diet:

  • It should be fun, not to create the desire to return to the old way of life, which led to excess weight;
  • Should be balanced and include all the necessary nutrients, as deficiency of essential macro and trace elements and essential amino acids may slow the process of weight loss;
  • It should not cause hunger and health problems;
  • It must not contain unloved products;
  • It must be combined with different methods of acceleration of metabolism (exercise, walking outdoors, sauna or bath), which will contribute to more efficient fat burning.

Any individually compiled the fastest diet should not include high-calorie foods and beverages, namely:

  • Pastry and sweets;
  • Alcohol;
  • Dessert;
  • Juices;
  • Fats and oils.

 When the fastest diet you should drink a lot of drinking water
 Also, to the diet led not only to weight loss, but do not harm the health, should be replaced by:

  • Fried dishes steamed or baked;
  • Low-fat milk products;
  • Flour fruit desserts;
  • Caloric drinks mineral water or tea (green grass) without sugar;
  • Meat dishes of fish, seafood, mushrooms or beans.

Fastest diet must necessarily include 2-3 liters of water a day. In addition, if drinking a glass of water before meals (15-20 minutes), it will help reduce the feeling of hunger. Also, the effect of the diet will be much better if the food slowly and chew thoroughly.

In addition to the right to get the menu in the diet should use any means of accelerating the exchange of substances, including a walk in the fresh air and active exercise.