Dry fasting

 Dry fasting - is the refusal of food and water
 In the fight for health and perfect figure, many people are ready for anything .  Fasting is, in fact, the most extreme method of weight loss, which causes the body to expend reserves of fat tissue in the absence of receipt of new nutrients .  Many proponents of this method say that a lot of stress experienced by the body, contributes to psychological recovery and restoration of functioning of all the vital systems of the body .  During normal fasting person can receive liquid .  In general, do not get food, a healthy person can nondepleted survive up to 40 days .  Dry fasting - a controversial technique, which prohibits taking during Lent not only food but also water .  We know that the liquid is 70% of the weight of the body and is vital for normal functioning of the body .  The official medicine considers the methodology of fasting without liquid inadmissible .  At a time when no water enters the body, the kidneys can not deduce the decay products of adipose tissue and protein products .  These substances are toxic in large doses .  In the coming days, after the rejection of fluid a person dies, and being in a foggy state of mind .

Dry fasting for weight loss

The results of dry fasting for weight loss is modest. The famine is very limited. Moreover, in this period, low in calories consumed due to a sharp decrease in physical activity, and poor health. Body weight falls mainly due to fluid loss. Once a person starts drinking again, the scales back to nearly their original values. Disintegration of adipose tissue is not more than 200 grams per day. Reviews of dry fasting emphasize that it is in the diet almost did not want to, but thirst was painful. Usually 2-3 days dry fasting for weight loss is not used. In general, this technique should not be considered as a way to lose weight. If you do decide to risk their health and apply fasting without water, remember that the important step is the proper preparation and the completion of hunger.

Preparation for the procedure in and out of dry fasting

According to the procedure Shchennikova dry fasting requires training for 15-30 days .  All these weeks is required to adhere to a specific diet .  The author offers syroyadenie .  In addition, the recommended cleaning procedures and antiparasitic treatment .  Of course, from the perspective of doctors, an episode of prolonged absence of the fluid is possible and necessary to prepare .  At least for a few days before the techniques have to go to food to those products that are not a result of giving severe decomposition products .  At a minimum, we must abandon the protein foods - meat, eggs, chicken, fish .  An important component of the program is Shchennikova mental attitude and moral preparation .  As during the preparation and during the fasting person without water is recommended to comply with the silence, stop watching TV and other empty entertainment .  Out of dry fasting lasts three times longer than the post .  During dry fasting out of the liquid is first received, and then light food, then applied syroyadenie, and after a return to normal diet .

Fasting without water on the author's methods

 Dry fasting has a number of contraindications
 Program Shchennikova dry fasting is the most popular author's technique. Adherents of this system promises miraculous cure simple and affordable way. At the very least, the possibility of cure is positioned oncology, activate tissue regeneration, to stabilize the pressure, reduce medications, improve logical thinking. From the standpoint of science is particularly doubtful words of the release of the body from the exo and endotoxins. After all, from the point of view of physiology no liquid will just accumulate large amounts of toxic compounds to the body. The technique involves 7-11 days of dry fasting, and it is definitely possible to name a health hazard. Reviews of dry fasting technique sound enthusiastic supporters. Perhaps this can be explained by the fact that the method is more spiritual practices and from this point of view has advantages.

Contraindications to dry starvation

Even on the official websites of the author's procedures have lists of contraindications to dry starvation. In order not to cause irreparable damage to his health before you start dry fasting, talk with a specialist. It should be examined to detect chronic diseases. The course itself should be carried out strictly under the supervision of medical staff. Otherwise, the results of dry fasting can be very unfavorable.