Fasting days for weight loss

Fasting days for weight loss cause to the human body is much less harmful than long exhausting diet or fast mono-diet. Effective fasting days for weight loss is useful to, even if the body does not need strict control of weight gain or weight loss. In these days of the conclusion of toxins from the body is most intense. This improves the acid-base balance, metabolic processes are accelerated. Due to low calorie diet at this time the body recovers and cleans itself.

The principles of effective fasting days

 In chronic diseases fasting days for weight loss should be discussed with your doctor
 There are a lot of positive feedback about the handling of nutritionists to lose weight these days. They recommend that during these days to eat large amounts of fiber and liquids. Nutrition experts also recommend that combine cleansing of the body and carrying out unloading days. This period is also useful to carry out domestic wraps for weight loss.

Before unloading days it is very important to prepare the body. Dinner on the eve should be very easy. It is necessary to give preference to kefir and vegetable dishes, steamed. Breakfast days of discharge should not be too abundant. Perfect glass of juice or a light soup with vegetable broth.

Lose unloading days can only be the case if such days are not held very often. In protracted (constant) strict diet the body goes into a special mode in which the weight reduction is very slow. It is important to do regular fasting days. They can hold no more than twice a month. If you want to lose weight, the discharge of the body can be carried out once or twice a week at regular intervals.

To restore the balance of minerals and trace elements in the body during this period every day you need to drink at least one and a half to two liters of clean water. From the amount of clean water depends burning more fat and their rate of combustion.

To lose weight in the handling of these days, some nutritionists recommend a daily basis to eat about two cups of broth choleretic any. As a cholagogue, you can use green tea with milk or herbal teas. This period can be excluded meal or just eating habits to significantly reduce (up to 500-600 grams of food with high content of protein and up to two kilograms of fruit, berries and vegetables). Eat small portions of food should be every two to three hours.

At any chronic menu for fasting days for weight loss, it is desirable to agree with the doctor. Fasting days you can supplement household baths and special slimming massage.

Variants of effective fasting days for weight loss

During fasting days is useful to drink yogurt. Daily Value of yogurt (one to two liters) should be divided into five or six servings and drink at regular intervals. Need to drink in small sips, little hold first yogurt in the mouth. Then, this drink will be both useful and satisfying.

For the fasting days are perfect for apples. Daily allowance (one to two kilograms of apples) should be divided into five meals. Apples can be used in the usual way or grind. The frayed apples can add a small amount of parsley juice, lemon, celery root. The day Apple menu, you can add dried apricots. For dinner, it is desirable to prepare a decoction of rose hips.

Discharge day slimming sweet tooth for chocolate will help recharge your batteries. In those days, you can only eat dark chocolate. The day allowed to eat about 200 grams of product. The number of meals - from three to five.

For diet days, you can use and cucumber. During the day, you can eat about half a kilogram of cucumbers. For dinner, allowed to cook hard-boiled egg and drink a decoction of rose hips.

Fasting days for weight loss in the juices are very useful, provided that the juices are freshly squeezed. Throughout the day you can drink about two liters of juice.

Effective fasting days for weight loss in English

Fasting days for weight loss in English - a solid and serious method of normalization of thyroid and digestive tract. With this system, the body is resting on fat and high-calorie food.

 Fasting days for weight loss in the fresh juices are very helpful
 In the first seven days of limited intake of sugary foods and potatoes. On the first day of discharge of the body in English is necessary to completely give up food. The water can be drunk in unlimited quantities. The next two days should follow the most moderate diet. Daily diet can consist of several pieces of rye bread and yogurt.

Over the next two days, you can eat protein foods. For breakfast you can eat a small slice of rye bread with butter and honey, coffee and milk. When cooking is desirable to use the minimum amount of salt and pepper and sauces deleted. At lunch you can drink a glass of milk with a minimum fat content or tea with honey. During the dinner, the two are allowed to eat hard-boiled eggs. You can afford to about 50 grams of low-fat cheese.

In the last two days fasting days for weight loss, it is desirable to eat only fruits and vegetables. For breakfast, eat two apples and cook for a dinner of vegetable soup in which it is necessary to add the spinach. For a snack, it is desirable to choose citrus fruits (orange, grapefruit). For dinner, you can make a green salad without meat or seafood and cook vegetable soup.