Lose weight 3 weeks

 How to lose weight in 3 weeks without harm to health?
 Quite often there are cases when people want to get rid of the extra kilos as soon as possible. To lose weight in 3 weeks using diets that include low-calorie foods, the most popular and fashionable cream and pills, activities in the sauna and bath.

However, despite the seemingly numerous "effective" methods of weight loss, experiments on his own body is not encouraging, but only entail problems associated with health.

Indeed, for three weeks lose really possible. To this end, the main thing - to follow a special diet for 3 weeks, to perform certain exercises and to plan schedule. By following these recommendations, you finally see the number on the scale sought by a very long time.

Professional advice on how to lose weight in 3 weeks

Many women, repeatedly asking the question, how to lose weight in 3 weeks, can not find the right answer to it. According to experts, to reduce body weight simply not adhering to the prohibition is too complicated. The main demand - to eat food containing fewer calories than you lose during the day. Knowing that 1 kg of fat is equal to 7700 calories for 7 days, you can get rid of almost 1 kg. To achieve a similar result can be a simple method - it is necessary to reduce the daily number of calories consumed up to 1,000 units.

Adhering to the simple advice of professionals, you can easily lose weight by 2-3 kg for 3 weeks, not forgetting the small reduction of their daily diet. Proper diet for 3 weeks and save your health and will bring negative consequences.

Secrets diet for 21 days

The key to quick and safe weight loss over 3 weeks is the inclusion in their daily menu as much as possible of products containing a small energy density, i.e. the number of calories that is presented in a certain volume of product. Very sweet desserts, chocolates, cakes are a lot of calories and weigh a little while (they have a high energy density).

For food with a small energy density include vegetables, herbs, fruits, and whole grains.

Split meals

An integral part of the diet for 3 weeks is split meals. It is a uniform distribution of the main meals than 3 times and 5-6 servings throughout the day. Making large gaps between breakfast, lunch and dinner can often be brutal hunger suppressants which can be tempted to eat a sandwich or even unprofitable food.

Lose 3 weeks in succeed if eat foods are often useful, but in small quantities. Such a split meals will help keep all metabolic processes in your body.


How to lose weight in 3 weeks and cause their muscles in good condition? The answer is very simple. It is necessary to exercise regularly: running, cycling, swimming or walk fast (these sports belong to the group aerobic). Such events are great to help get rid of the extra kilos. As stated in a review of the diet for 21 days, it will help to better burn fat not only diet but also constant and regular exercise.

To achieve good results on weight loss in 3 weeks, you need to engage in active sports just 1-1, 5:00 4 or 5 times a week (but with the power load must be weak and moderate).

Strength Training

Program on how to lose weight in 3 weeks, can not do without power classes. This set of exercises aimed at muscle growth. The increase in muscle speeds up the metabolic processes in the body and also help burn a rather large number of calories even when the body is not subjected to physical stress.

Remove excess weight can be even faster if you do the exercise with a short interval between them, giving thus a small amount of time the body and muscles to rest. Coaching should be absolutely all muscle groups (legs, arms, press the back). To do this, perform squats, bending, push-ups, as well as exercises with barbells.

Diet for 21 days

Diet for 21 days - a special program which includes only low-calorie foods. It is completely harmless and effective, because it was drawn up by professional nutritionists England. In general, it lasts no more than 3 weeks. As the reviews of the diet for 21 days following to choose the right menu, you can easily lose almost 10 kg per month. The only requirement - such a diet can not be used very often (about every 6 months), in order not to provoke big shocks to the body.

The diet for 3 weeks includes several components, differing depending on the food consumed. Thus, 1-2 days - milk-based diet, 3-4 days - meat-based diet, 5-6 days - a diet based on vegetables and fruit. After 6 days, the second and the third component is repeated with a certain sequence. Reviews of the diet for 21 days show that this program will be able to survive only strong people. Additionally, it is recommended to take a specific group of multivitamins.  Fractional power - an integral part of the diet for 3 weeks

Menu diet for 21 days

1-2 day - dairy products:

  • Breakfast - 200 grams of milk and one small piece of bread;
  • Dinner - 200 grams of milk;
  • Snack - 200 g of milk and a piece of bread;
  • Dinner - 200 grams of milk.

3-4 day - meat products:

  • B - 15 g of honey, a slice of bread with butter (10 g), white coffee sugar;
  • Lunch - meat or fish broth with fish or meat (200 g), a slice of bread, 2 tablespoons green peas;
  • Snack - 15 g of honey, 200 grams of milk or tea;
  • Dinner - 2 eggs or 50 grams of cheese, lean ham, fish meat; a slice of bread and 200 grams of milk.

5-6 day diet for 3 weeks - fruits and vegetables:

  • Breakfast - 2 apple or orange;
  • Lunch - vegetable soup without potatoes with 1 tablespoon vegetable oil, vinaigrette with vegetable oil, 1 slice of bread;
  • Afternoon snack - fruit (not bananas);
  • Dinner - 0, 5 tablespoons honey, tea and vegetable salad.

Terms diet for 21 days

  • The day should consume at least 2 liters of clean water;
  • You can eat fish, meat or vegetables just boiled. Fried and fatty foods are strictly prohibited;
  • Within 1 and 2 in the evening of the day may be 200 g tomato juice;
  • Salt should be replaced by herbs and spices;
  • Dinner should be held until 19 pm;
  • The bread should be at least a little to dry.

For the fruit and vegetable diet is necessary to use the grapes, unpeeled apples, kiwi, lemons and pineapples. From vegetables need to eat beets, garlic, red pepper, beans, squash, onions, parsley, eggplant, carrots, jacket potatoes, asparagus, celery, cabbage.

Under the strict ban coffee, pastries, sweet desserts, cigarettes, alcohol, drinks with gas.

Completing the diet for 21 days you can not dramatically. The last days must have milk.

As the reviews of the diet for 21 days, the effect of it exceeds all expectations. No wonder it won the love of fans from around the world.