Milk diet

Milk - a medicinal plant, which is used as a folk remedy for diseases of the gallbladder and liver. According to our latest research, it was found that in addition to treatment of diseases, milk thistle is effective for weight loss.

The use of milk thistle for weight loss

 In addition to the treatment of diseases, milk thistle is effective for weight loss.
 Milk is very useful for liver and protects it from toxins and enhances its functionality. The plant recovers and stimulates regeneration of new liver cells. Also, milk thistle helps to eliminate bile from the body and is an excellent prevention against the formation of gallstones.

According to reviews, thistle Slimming only indirectly affect the weight loss process. So, thistle oil is a very positive effect on weight loss only if the diet will be eliminated fat and significantly restricted calorie daily diet. Only in this case, the use of milk thistle for weight loss will offset the imbalance in the diet, and keep your metabolism at the required level.

If in the human diet dose fat will be more than 60 grams a day, then, reviews, thistle diet will be ineffective. Why is that? The fact that milk thistle is well absorbed by the body and increases the energy value of all food.

We also know that milk thistle has a strong laxative effect, which helps to easily get rid of a few kilograms per month. So, one of the ancient recipes against constipation is a glass of water and thistle oil.

The use of milk thistle for weight loss is also related to the fact that eating broth plants before eating, interrupted appetite. And quite a specific taste plant for some time changing the sensitivity of taste receptors, which significantly reduces the expected pleasure from eating.

From the above it can be concluded that milk thistle is a pretty effective way to lose weight, but do not perceive it as a panacea, and use only as an aid.

The use of milk thistle for weight loss

To determine the optimal dosage recommended that you consult with a qualified professional. The most widely used milk thistle for weight loss has received in the form of dry extract. He did as follows: Milk thistle seeds crushed in a blender. The recommended dosage of the obtained powder for adults is 280-450 mg, divided into several stages. It is preferable to take milk thistle 1 teaspoon before each meal, drinking a small amount of warm water.

 Popular use of milk thistle for weight loss as an oil.
 Quite popular use of milk thistle for weight loss as an oil. Like other types of vegetable oils, thistle oil contains healthy fats in the use of which is adjusted protein and fat metabolism in the human body. The use of milk thistle oil has a positive effect on the hormonal status of the person. In addition, it contains vitamins A, E, F and K, as well as selenium - a trace mineral, helps to speed up metabolism. Recommend this technique thistle oil: 1 dessert spoon for 30 minutes before breakfast. The oil should not be added to food, since it has a specific taste. Better to just wash down with a glass of water.

Also, use milk thistle in the form of decoction. To do this, 30 grams of dried and ground seeds of plants pour 0, 5 liters of water and simmer until half the liquid is not evaporated. Then, the liquid should be for 10 minutes. Take the finished decoction every hour on a tablespoon.

Milk diet: Contraindications and Warnings

The use of milk thistle may cause some mild side effects, including: bloating, indigestion, and various skin reactions, headache.

Contraindications to diet is milk thistle during pregnancy and breastfeeding, cancer. Do not use milk thistle while taking blood thinners, anti-allergic agents, neuroleptics and anti-cancer drugs.