All known senna leaf is traditionally used in medicine as a purgative.  Grass hay - laxative
   The same effect as the basis for the use of senna for weight loss.

Grass hay diet

The various herbal preparations laxative senna always present. Compared to other popular herbs that are traditionally used for weight loss, senna shows the most effective results. It is noticed that not only displays the body of excess water and waste products, but also fat.

It is the quality of the grass is especially valuable in today's world where obesity has taken the form of the epidemic, and often leads to the development of dangerous diseases - heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and others.

If you do not explore the many recipes, the whole Senna Slimming drunk at night, in half a glass every night. At the same time such a course of "treatment" should last no more than seven days. Use senna can be both independently and in combination with other vegetable raw materials. To improve the taste to the drink, you can add honey, fruits, nuts, etc.

It is believed that not only laxative senna stimulate intestinal contraction, but prevent the absorption of fats. This chair is decorated, and some bile increases. In the beginning of course with the help of weight loss can be felt Senna light cramps in the abdomen, which quickly pass. The visual effect is observed quickly.

Using hay diet, do not exceed the dosage recommended by the manufacturer as part of the grass are resins which in large quantities can cause nausea, vomiting, etc., due to the considerable irritation of the intestinal wall. Do not also increase the duration of the course, as in this case, may come deficiency of trace elements in the body, in turn causes heart rhythm disorders, and other pathological conditions.

Also, long-term use of senna inevitably lead to addiction to stimulation of intestinal, because of what may later develop chronic constipation. Senna is contraindicated in everyone who has a disease of the digestive system. Also it can not be used during pregnancy. All other before the course should consult a doctor.

Senna leaves slimming

In order to minimize the risk to their health from taking Senna to lose weight, it is better to brew with other herbs. An excellent option would be a tea: peppermint, nettle, dandelion, parsley, fennel and senna are mixed in equal parts; teaspoon collection pour a glass of boiling water and infused for five hours.  Grass hay diet - feedback and recommendations
   Then filter and drink tea after each meal in small portions. On the day should drink no more than one cup of drink, and the course lasts for two weeks.

Two weeks later, the volume of infusion gradually adjusted to three glasses a day, and the total length of the course shall not exceed one month.

Senade slimming

Senna extract is the main active ingredient of the drug as Senade. Senade slimming has laxative effect on the intestine, without disrupting the digestive processes. Sometimes operation principle compared with Senade mechanism works activated carbon.

Slimming Pills Senade take effect after about eight hours after administration. As well as slimming herb senna, they increase intestinal motility. Similarly, decreases intestinal absorption of fat and there is deliverance from the body of excess weight.