Diet Tips

 Useful diet - it is safe for the body diet
 In deciding to use a diet in order to say goodbye to excess weight, you must remember that any diet is stressful to the body. And many wonder - whether the diets are useful at all?

Useful weight loss diet

How to choose a diet that does not harm the body and thus effectively lose weight? Useful weight loss diet should be, above all, safe, well-balanced content of essential nutrients and enriched with vitamins and minerals. This principle, unfortunately, the majority of new-fangled diets do not match, and therefore they can not abide long.

By studying numerous diets, scientists have concluded that the most useful food for dieters - a low-calorie diet with little fat and carbohydrate. If insufficient intake of fat outside the body begins to get energy by expanding its own fat tissue. If power consumption is further increased, for example, engaging in physical exercise, the process of losing weight will go even faster. But no one really useful diet for our body does not call for a complete rejection of fat! They are also required to us as proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins. Instead of refractory animal fats should be used vegetable oil, limiting their intake of the lower boundary of the physiological norm.

Useful weight loss diet also provides for a reduction in the diet of easily digestible carbohydrates (confectionery, chocolate, sweets, sugar, etc.).

The most useful food

Any diet should be built with the use of not only low-calorie, but also the most useful products. These include:

  • Meat and fish are low-fat varieties. Useful if diet, if these products are used in fried? Of course, no. They need to use boiled or roast on the grill without using the fat;
  • Wholemeal bread;
  • fruits vegetables;
  • You may use a variety of mushrooms in the diet;
  • Low-fat milk and milk products;
  • Weak tea and coffee.

Items that should be excluded from the diet helpful:

  • Meat and fish oil-rich;
  • Various sausages;
  • Nuts;
  • Caviar;
  • To minimize the use of chocolate and sugar;
  • Fatty dairy products, spicy cheeses.

Karl Lagerfeld Diet Tips

Used in the diet of the most useful foods allow some people to significantly reduce overweight. This, of course, also enables the whole organism healthier. For example, useful diet has helped the famous German photographer and fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld is not only to get rid of the excess weight of 42 kg for 13 months, but also by an impressive list of chronic diseases. After such a useful weight loss diet he felt he had the right to share with others their experiences, and wrote a book. In it, he outlined the principles of nutrition, which allowed him to achieve the perfect result. Featured them to eat the healthiest food:  Vitamins - a mandatory component of any useful weight loss diet

  • Various seafood and fish of low-fat varieties;
  • Dietary Meat: horse meat, rabbit, veal;
  • Mineral water is at least 1 liter per day;
  • Oils and fats are of the highest quality. Precautions to take vegetable oil - no more than 3 tablespoons in a day;
  • Milk and curds must be free of grease;
  • Wholemeal bread;
  • Permission is granted to use all the vegetables, but it is necessary to prepare them steamed, boiled or baked.

It is not recommended to use in compliance with useful diet Karl Lagerfeld:

  • Fat cheese varieties;
  • Dry beans;
  • Exclude fruit cherries, grapes, bananas and figs.

Instead of sugar, Karl Lagerfeld advises supporters mineral diets eat sweeteners.

Additional recommendations from Karl Lagerfeld

According to the author of this system the most useful power should be included in the diet of protein supplements. One sachet contains a daily rate of protein and amino acids including essential.

The benefits of mineral diets

Useful diet does not create any problems in the preparation of the menu. In addition, if the useful weight loss diet combined with physical activity, the extra weight not only quickly go away, but do not come back again.

Committed to the most useful food should become the norm for any reasonable person. After a useful diet if you stick to it constantly, it will solve the problems not only with overweight but also with health. Normalization weight, metabolism, improve the functions of the musculoskeletal system and cardiovascular system - all this is the end result of any system of proper nutrition.

It is also important that a useful diet can get rid of the excess weight gradually without subjecting the body to stress, without causing exacerbation of chronic diseases, not leading to the development of depression.