Rice Diet

 Rice Diet
 Quite by chance as a main dish some diets favor fig. Firstly, this herb are very good at cleansing the body, absorbing and conclusions from it slag, salt and other not very useful substances. Secondly, rice is the source of complex carbohydrates, which allows delivery to provide the body with the necessary energy, while reducing his need for sugar and fat. Thirdly, rice contains many useful substances, including fiber, minerals and vitamins. The properties of this cereal allow its use in many rice diets are struggling with being overweight by body purification and normalization of its metabolic processes.

Rice diet for weight loss

If you need to lose weight quickly in anticipation of a holiday or event, suitable rice diet for weight loss, designed for 3 days. The longer this period reset so the weight is not recommended and should not be repeated diet more than once a month.

The essence of the rice diet is quite simple - every day should eat a cup of rice porridge, it is advisable to do it in small portions throughout the day. Naturally, the rice should be bland - sugar, salt, spices and oil added is not necessary. If you deal with hunger can not be allowed to use during the day 2-3 apples.

As the reviews, rice daily diet can lose about 1 kg weight.

Rice diet to cleanse the body

This option is aimed at rice diet excretion of salts and toxins. To begin to take 4 cups, each of which pour 2 tablespoons. l. any pour rice and 200 ml of water. Put glasses in the dark and preferably cool place, waiting for 4 days, do not forget to change the water in the glasses, then you can proceed directly to the rice diet to cleanse the body.

On the fifth day after the start of manipulation of rice begin the morning with the first cup of use: Drain the water and the rice boil again washed and eat. The freed glass goes back to sleep 2 tbsp. l. rice and fill it with water. The next day, we eat rice, put a second glass, and then again do the workpiece.

Ideally, the rice diet is that for two weeks every morning to eat rice, to defend the 4 days in the water, which changes periodically. However, it turns out that the first day of soaked rice into four cups, three of which required time be left to stand too long, so, of course, if possible, better to turn the rump to soak the desired period of time. After the rice has been eaten in the morning, for two hours anything forbidden to use.

This diet is based on rice almost immediately removes from the body toxins and salt, so in order not to reduce all efforts to nothing, should limit salt intake, as well as to exclude from the diet of flour and fatty foods. Due to the fact that, together with slag output and large amount of nutrients, it is necessary throughout the rice diet additionally taking vitamins and minerals. In addition, drinking plenty of fluids will speed up the process of purification and weight loss.

Rice diet for 7 days

Fans of rice a way to lose weight will be enjoyed as a week should eat only these grains, vegetables, fruits and herbs.

According to reviews, the rice diet in this embodiment allows 7 days to lose about 5-6 extra kilos.

Daily menu:

  • Breakfast - rice (50 g), fruits (to choose from - apple, pear, orange, or some raisins), you can also drink a cup of yogurt, milk or green tea.
  • Lunch - rice (150 g), vegetables or mushrooms, herbs.
  • Afternoon snack - fruit.
  • Dinner - Rice (150 g) and vegetables (to choose from - zucchini, carrots or cabbage).

The body quickly gets used to a power supply system, so a rice diet for 7 days to comply with fairly easily.

Rice diet Queen Margaret's

 The first phase 3 3 3 rice diet for bowel cleansing of toxins
 This method of weight loss is still known as the "3 3 3 rice diet." The essence of this power supply system is used alternately for nine days three groups of products, each of which is allocated for three days.

Menu of the rice diet is as follows:

  • The first three days - 250 g of rice, for 3 hours. L. honey and 2-2, 5 liters of pure water. Figure evening should pour cold water in the morning, throwing in a colander, rinse thoroughly, with the aim wash with cereal starch. Then 1 to 2 Fig fill with hot water and boil for 15 minutes. Cooked porridge divide into 5-6 portions and trying to spread them evenly over the whole day, we eat every 20.00. Also to be uniformly distributed and the entire amount of water must remain in 19.00-20.00 not drunk only one glass of liquid. Honey can be either dissolved in water or have a spoon.
  • The next three days - 1, 2-1, 3 kg of chicken (Set weight of crude product), the amount of water and honey is the same as in the previous days. Boiled chicken, separating the fat and skin, divide into 5-6 portions and eat during the day, with the last meal should take place no later than 19.00. With great reluctance to have the chicken can be replaced by fish (sea bass, ice, cod), at the rate of 700-800 g per day. During these three days, "3 3 3 rice diet" do not forget about the honey and water.
  • The last three of the day - 1 kg of vegetables, the amount of honey and water is the same as in the previous days. Preference should be given to green and white vegetables, however, beets, carrots and tomatoes should also be present in the diet, but to a lesser extent. Approximately half of the vegetables should be cut into small pieces and cook in the steamer or put out on the water. Of the remaining salad vegetables ready toothbrush, for which 1 pc. come from raw carrots and beets, cabbage and a few pages of a little greenery, all sprinkled with lemon juice, add 1 ch. l. olive oil and 1 tbsp. l. water. Steamed vegetables divide into 3 parts, the same thing we do with a salad and eat two meals in turn. Still, do not forget about water and honey.

The first stage of the "3 3 3 rice diet" is intended to cleanse the intestines of toxins. In the second stage replenish protein and occurs in parallel with this fat burning, whereas at the third stage in the body receives the necessary vitamins and minerals. As the reviews, rice diet allows you to part the Queen Margaret's 6-9 extra pounds, in addition, used in vegetable salad days of the brush helps to significantly reduce waist and abdomen.

A very important point in any rice diet is a way out of it - the transition to a normal diet should be very careful. To the results remain permanently at the end of the high-calorie diet and junk food should be preferred to a healthy and proper nutrition.