The benefits of fasting

The benefits of fasting nowadays are ongoing discussions, although the practice of abstaining from food for a long time humanity.  Use of starvation - cleansing the body of toxins
 Well-known fact that the useful starvation was common in the days of ancient Greece, it was recommended in the writings of Avicenna, was used and applied in the practice of Indian yogis. Jesus Christ, as told in the Bible, went for 40 days in the desert without food, the prophet Moses wrote the Ten Commandments, after 40 days spent without food and water. Supporters of the use of starvation modernity were Paul Breg and Herbert Shelton, who published a useful method of fasting, tested on their own experience.

The basis of a healthy functioning of the body - normal metabolism. The disease occurs as a result of excessive slagging and intoxication. Use of starvation - starting the process of purification systems and organs from accumulating in these toxins.

Use of starvation - forced consumption of fats and ketones for the synthesis of glucose. As a result, starvation significantly increases the production of adrenocortical hormones (corticosteroids), which have anti-inflammatory properties. The outcome of these processes run by starvation, is to get rid of many diseases.

Benefits of fasting depends on the methods chosen for fasting, goals, and can be as follows:

  • Total purification;
  • Rejuvenation;
  • Total recovery;
  • Getting rid of specific diseases;
  • Reset or normalization of weight.

Pros starvation - a fact obvious enough, but modern food galore persistently ignored. Just remember that in most cases, when a person is very sick, he loses appetite. So the body makes it clear that the food in the process of recovery it will only interfere.

Periodic fasting

As a result of recent scientific studies have shown that intermittent fasting gives the same result as a long period of caloric restriction (diet).

Short-term food shortages in the body:

  • It activates the oxidation process, increasing the sensitivity of cell membranes to insulin. This complex influence to tone the body, blocking the aging process;
  • It lowers cholesterol, appealing stress, increases the amount of antioxidants released by cells in the blood;
  • It liberates certain hormones, including growth hormone that contributes to the overall purification;
  • It strengthens the immune system and regenerative processes, reducing inflammation;
  • Promotes liver detoxification absolute within 8 hours of complete starvation.

By experience, fasting should start with a break of 12 hours between breakfast and dinner, then this period should be brought gradually up to 16-18 hours to a maximum of 24. To carry out a complete fasting once a day should be no more than once a week. With this diet increases the chance to resist viral infection in the blood sugar level decreases, arteries are cleaned of cholesterol deposits. Use of starvation - a significant slowdown in the aging process.  Use of starvation - expenditure body fat

Terms of useful starvation

There are three basic rules of fasting useful:

  • 1 - Choosing the method of fasting according to the state of health and previous experience of fasting;
  •   2 - Implementation of preparatory measures before the start of fasting. Cleaning procedures gradual reduction of food intake yl al., Depending on the selected method;
  • 3 - Continuous monitoring of changes in the state of the body during fasting. Timely troubleshooting (possible additional cleaning of the intestine) or exit from starvation in the case of a clear threat to health due to unrecorded diseases.

By following these rules, fasting can be helpful to make more and more secure. Our body is able to quite a long time to hold reserves of nutrients. Pros starvation - the use of reserve stocks with the purification of the body, not only from their surplus, but also from toxins.

The benefits of fasting is indisputable only in combination with further healthy lifestyle, including a proper diet, avoiding harmful habits and moderate exercise.

Keep in mind that start to be any kind of fasting only after consultation with a doctor and under his supervision.