The problem of excess weight in recent years, purely ceases to be an adult, and applies to children. Weight loss for children in this is a fairly complex task.  Baby Weight Loss - tips and expert advice

How can I lose weight children

In today's world, about 20% of children and adolescents are obese. Weight loss for children is complicated by the fact that the growing organism requires a fairly high level of substances that must be obtained from diet. Thus, the child is losing weight should be completely safe for health, when carrying the child should remain in good health and mood.

Losing weight for children should also ensure lasting effect normalization of body weight. The essence of the system implies a change of taste behavior not only in the growing person, but also his parents. Second, and equally important part of losing weight is to find children and correction of psychological problems in the family, which are carried out under the supervision of a specialist.

The family represents a complete system, which consists of its members. Obviously, the younger members of the family are dependent on older, including in terms of the range of the foods taste and following harmful habits. These include:

  • a hearty dinner in the evening;
  • no breakfast;
  • absorption of food while watching television;
  • "Seizing" a bad mood and stress;
  • meals at fast-food outlets;
  • eating fried foods and foods with mayonnaise.

Children perceive life, including eating habits, through the prism of the views of the family. Thus, weight loss for children should start with the correction of dietary habits of adults.

With older members of the family based on the work of a specialist children's weight loss. It is obvious that the child simply will not have any possibility to implement his recommendations, because the purchase and preparation of food - the prerogative of adults. This is especially true of adolescents aged 10-13 years. In general, the key to successful weight loss for children is a joint participation in the process of adult family members.

How fast to lose weight for children

Losing weight for children should be based on certain principles, which are reflected in the correct dietary habits. First of all, keep in mind that fat contains twice as many calories than the same amount of protein or carbs, so should be excluded from the diet of foods high in fat (especially animal - sausage, dumplings, cheese), or at least minimize them quantity.

The second postulate weight loss for children is to eliminate fried foods. Instead, they should be a menu of dishes cooked by steaming, using aerogrill, stewed and baked. From diet to exclude foods with a high glycemic index - from bakery flour, sweets, cakes, biscuits, fried potatoes, etc. - since they stimulate the appetite and lead to obesity.  The main principles of weight loss for children

Another important rule of losing weight for children is to eliminate mayonnaise. It is recommended to replace the low-fat yogurt or sour cream, olive oil or soy sauce. The total daily amount of salt should not exceed five grams, and this should be iodized salt. Best drink in this case are pure non-carbonated water or green tea without sugar.

The daily amount of water should be 30 mL per 1 kg bodyweight. Drink it should be one hour before and after meals. Sweet drinks always add weight, so they should be excluded from the menu.

As part of weight loss for children is crucial not only to reduce caloric intake, but also to ensure a balanced intake of essential nutrients. It is also important to follow a certain diet.

Provided training in the first shift, the child should have breakfast at about 7.30 am and this breakfast get a quarter of the daily requirement of calories. While in school, at recess, at about 12.00, he has to eat lunch, 20% of daily energy intake. Around 15.00 the child should have lunch (35% of daily calories), and the remaining 20% ​​of the calories get dinner at 19.00. In addition, the child shows regular physical activity.