As a rule, food film is most commonly used for storing food, but it is also very effective, you can use in order to lose weight.  Film slimming - reviews, tips, recommendations
   The essence of the application of slimming food film is a film that excess fluid exits the body as sweat. This method, incidentally, often use models and athletes to competitions and photo shoots for rapid weight loss.

Naturally, much to lose weight only by the food film without lifestyle changes fail, but to improve the appearance of the skin and slightly adjust the figure is realistic.

How to lose weight with cling film

Use plastic wrap to lose weight at home is very simple: Wrap the problem areas on the body flexible food wrap in several layers. This results in a greenhouse effect, which improves the subcutaneous blood circulation and, consequently, the appearance of the skin. On top of this comes out excess moisture, protein toxic substances and improper metabolism, damaging the body.

Weight loss with the help of food film

Lose weight with the help of films help food wraps, prepared according to the following recipes:

  • Spread mustard powder in a small amount of hot water and mix in equal proportions with honey. Mustard can burn;
  • Chop half a cup of green tea, pour boiling water to the consistency of porridge, add a little cinnamon and two tablespoons of honey;
  • Pour boiling water over the ground coffee to a state of pulp, add honey or white clay and ten drops of essential oil of citrus;
  • Dilute with warm water kelp, infuse for 15 minutes and add ten drops of essential oil of lemon, grapefruit or orange and honey.

The mixture you will be applied to the skin beneath the film should be homogeneous, well-mixed. Apply it with a thick layer and tightly wrap with cling film in several layers. To enhance the effect on top of the film, it is desirable to wear pants or shorts.

After applying mustard mixture, it is desirable to move around - do exercises (to lie on the couch and do the exercise "bike" for 15 minutes), to do the cleaning. In all other cases it is necessary to lie down for 30-60 minutes under a warm blanket.

After the procedure, you must carefully remove the clothing and the film, a mixture of wash in the shower. Already on dry skin, apply a toning or anti-cellulite cream massage movements. For the best effect, it is desirable to make the course of the ten procedures a day.

Use edible film slimming

Food film for weight loss is beneficial because:

  • Accessible and affordable;
  • It improves blood circulation, metabolism and the lymphatic system;
  • Along with regular exercise and a diet for a week, you can lose five kilograms;
  • You can use both women and men;  Wrap with cling film slimming
  • Displays the excess liquid, toxic substances, combats cellulite, it helps to find a smooth skin and beautiful body relief.

Disadvantages food film slimming

Food film for weight loss has its drawbacks:

  • With each procedure pohuditelny effect becomes less noticeable;
  • Lose weight can quickly return if not to resort to diet and exercise;
  • Wrap with cling film contraindicated for varicose veins, diseases of the cardiovascular system, pregnancy and breastfeeding.