Terms diet

 The basic rules and principles of weight loss diets
 In order to get rid of the extra kilos to further support his own body in the form required to follow the simple rules of diet.

The principles of losing weight

The most important rule of diet you want to understand and remember forever, is the principle that in order to reduce body weight, you need a calorie deficit. That is, to consume energy reserves with food should be less than they spend.

The golden rule of the diet: to lose weight, you should eat. A noticeable decrease in energy intake and occasional meals contribute to slower metabolism: in this way the body tends to be reserved by energy sources. At the same time some self-restraint is still needed. During weight loss diet is regulated by the rules of the daily caloric intake of women - it should not exceed 1400 kcal.

Another important rule is to respect the scope of diet servings. Do not forget that it is the amount of glass that is 200-250 grams. Also, special attention should be given to drinking caloric beverages.

You should avoid empty carbs - products of flour. In accordance with the rules of nutrition for weight loss, they need to replace products from wheat flour and generally pay attention to the fact that the food contained a valuable substances - proteins, fats and slow carbohydrates as well as vitamins and minerals.

No less important principle of weight loss - not reproach yourself too harshly for committing a momentary weakness in the food they happen at all. Just try in the future to avoid such errors.

Do not eat after 6, and lose weight

Diet, "Do not eat after 6 to lose weight" is based on the premise of slowing down the metabolism in the evening and at night. Its proponents argue that eaten at this time the food goes to the construction of adipose tissue.

Current research related to this issue is not so categorical, as in each case requires individual approach.

In general, reduced calorie diet evening reflected in almost all diets. During the meal is recommended to eat a piece of lean meat or fish, vegetables, and drink milk products. Fats and carbohydrates correctly excluded or minimized.  An important rule of diet - do not eat after 6

Pros and cons of fractional diet

Subject fractional diet food recommended to take small meals six times a day. Proponents of such a system power argue that it helps to speed up metabolism and fat burning processes gained. They justify their claim that the body is no longer required to store energy for future use.

However, the same effect is observed and no fractional diet, but simply subject to the time mode (power on hours). Also be aware that its principles are used in medicine, including sports, in situations where a set weight or muscle mass.

Fractional diet is great for people who are prone to frequent snacking. At the same time adhering to the system power supply, it should be mandatory to control the calorie and the amount of each portion.

Sample menu fractional diet includes three main meals, two snacks and one dessert. The minimum time interval between meals should be at least two hours.

Under the rules of the diet first breakfast eaten within an hour after lifting. Carbohydrates and fats are trying to use in the morning. The ration of the second half include vegetables, proteins and dairy products. When a table using a small diameter dishes - bowls, small plates, saucers. In addition, follow a nutritious diet, as well as for drinking regime.