One-day fasting

 One-day fasting - an effective way to treat
 Starvation for a long period of time (several days) can be difficult and even dangerous to the health event. But a one-day fasting is the only natural way to treat or alleviate the symptoms of almost any disease.

In eastern countries, such as India and the Middle East, a one-day fasting is practiced constantly and is a vital norm. It is a powerful, efficient, fast and free way to treatment.

One-day fasting is ideal for beginners and for more experienced people. Newcomers for the first time will be difficult to sustain the whole day without eating, and if dry fasting is observed, it is still without water, but all subsequent times will be given much more easily.

Important Note: The daily fasting is not recommended during pregnancy, children under 12 years of age and, if necessary, take medication.

Daily fasting once a week allows the body to cleanse and relax.

Often, one day of fasting is accompanied by headaches, dizziness, discomfort and other symptoms of withdrawal, especially for beginners, but it's all part of the cleansing process in the body: the excess fat or weight will be burnt, as well as chemicals and other poisons to be excreted from the body . Only sick or worn fabric will be destroyed during fasting, because the body is not stupid enough to destroy your own healthy tissues.

The action of the one-day fast

One-time one-day fasting will not be able to heal the body from disease and long to fully restore it, but if you observe fasting periodically - certainly benefit will be evident. Frequent or repeated fasting, for example, fasting every other day will be much more effective.

One way to work in a day of fasting - a reduction or narrowing of the arteries and tissues, allowing cleansed of stuck in the walls of blood vessels and tissues of toxins. In addition, during the fasting blood thinning, which is purified from their toxins, which can cause dizziness, which will take place as soon as the state of the blood to normal.

One-day fasting teaches the body to self-management and discipline. This will help get rid of bad habits or addictions that destroy the health of the body and help to acquire new and positive habits.

Fasting once in 7 days is not such a big sacrifice, especially if you take into account the resulting health of the body as a reward.

Starting day fasting should be in the evening, immediately after the last light meal. By the time the body is awake, half of the period of fasting will already be over. It is better to extend the period of fasting and 36 hours, but this is only for those who have experience in this matter.

Out of the one-day fasting is very simple - after 24 hours after the start, you can use water or diluted lemon juice with honey, and throughout the first day of release is better to eat fruits, nuts, vegetables and low-fat dairy products.  Fasting Ekadasi - a regular one-day fasting 2 times per month

Fasting Ekadasi

Fasting Ekadasi - regular daily abstinence from food and water, to observe twice a month for 11 and 26 lunar days, ie 11 days after the new moon and the full moon, which is called in the East the Ekadasi days.

Ekadasi Fasting helps cleanse the physical, mental and spiritual body. According to Ayurvedic, such power is obtained Ekadasi days due to the fact that it is 11 and 26 lunar days are the days when the attraction between the Earth and the Moon is stronger than usual, which in turn affects the ebb and flow in the reservoirs, and the like structures in humans (blood, lymph). This effect disturbs the balance of hormones and human body fluids, resulting in imbalance and mental pathologies and voltage. If in those days to use heavy and fatty foods, it will be difficult for the body to digest, and he will spend all his energy on this process. And if in these days allow the intestines to relax a bit and completely starve the body, instead of digesting food, will cleanse itself of toxins, which beneficially affect the health of the organism as a whole.

1 day Ekadasi fasting means itself ideally complete rejection of food and water, which helps not only physically healthier, but also purify bad karma and to mitigate the negative effects of ongoing sin.

On the eve of Ekadasi fasting is better not to eat heavy foods, as this will lead to a desire for the next day. Daily fasting begins at sunrise and ends at sunrise the next day. Out of the daily fasting should be correct, but it is, you need to start the next morning with a glass of water with lemon juice and salt, and after 10 minutes you can consume any kind of fruit, and another 10 minutes to eat yogurt.

If a person is difficult to sustain one day of fasting Ekadasi, the food can be consumed on this day a little fresh fruit, vegetables, juices, nuts, dried fruits, water and dairy products.