Recipes tasty dietary vegetable dishes
 Vegetables for weight loss have a high efficiency and benefit to strengthen and cleanse the body, and they are suitable for a vegetarian menu and diet in various diseases.

How can I lose weight on vegetables

The process of losing weight and eliminate excess lipid deposits depends on metabolism and food intake. Vegetables are slimming products that contain substances that contribute to the hypothalamus, aimed at weight reduction. You can lose weight on vegetables, eating diet foods of them, thereby activating the metabolism to burn calories.

Vegetables for weight loss are a group ergotropic products that should prevail in the diet diet. When selecting vegetables for weight loss is necessary to calculate their calorie content and benefit to the organism.

Calories in vegetable salad, carrots, spinach, broccoli and other vegetables are contained in a minimum amount. These vegetables are rich in vitamins and trace elements necessary for the normal functioning of the body. The most useful vegetables for weight loss may include:

  • carrot, which contains 32 kcal., vitamins A, B6, C and K, fiber and iron;
  • spinach (22 cal.), which is a source of vitamins A, C, E and K, and trace elements - calcium, zinc and iron, well digestible and improves metabolism;
  • Broccoli contains 28 kcal., vitamins C, B and E, fiber;
  • Pumpkin (21 kcal.) suitable for lowering cholesterol and blood sugar, it contains vitamins and minerals, including niacin;
  • onions (38 kcal.) is useful as a raw or stewed and as a source of vitamins B6, C and K, folic acid and fiber;
  • tomato (20 calories.) You can use fresh or canned;
  • celery (12 cal.) contains vitamins A and C, and phosphorus, calcium and potassium;
  • cabbage (25 cal.) can be consumed raw or stewed, rich in vitamin C and fiber.

Calories in vegetable salads are contained in an amount of 15 units. 100 g This salad is most useful for losing weight and strengthening the immune system as it contains Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins C, E and K. Salad necessarily be part of the diet.

Useful dietary vegetable dishes

Useful vegetable dishes for the diet must be carefully chosen and regularly use to make up for a deficiency of vitamins and improve metabolism.

The most useful are the dietary meals from Brussels sprouts, which are best used as side dishes with the addition of sauce. These dietary vegetable dishes can be attributed to the snack food that can be consumed throughout the day.

From Brussels sprouts can be prepared in a light salad, composed of peppers, olive oil, basil and lettuce. Also healthy salad of red peppers, tomatoes and olives with natural yogurt or olive oil, basil and pepper. This salad contains not more than 90 kcal., And 2, 8 g of dietary fiber, 1, 5 g protein, and 6 grams of fat.

In order to strengthen the immune system and prevent the depletion of the diet you can eat salad with cheese, which is hearty and rich in protein.

The composition of vegetable salad with cheese includes 200 g lettuce, 100 ml low-fat yogurt, 150 g of solid cheese, 1 cucumber, 3 radishes, 20 g of garlic and salt to taste. Vegetables can be cut into slices or strips, garlic crumble and grate the cheese on a coarse grater. Then connect the vegetables with cheese, lettuce and fill with low-fat yogurt. Calorie portions of salad vegetable diet is no more than 200 calories.

Useful vegetables for weight loss, from which you can cook various dishes are legumes, peppers, beets, peas, zucchini and eggplant.  Dishes of vegetables for low-calorie diets
 For an effective dietary dishes of vegetables for weight loss include bean ragout, braised beets and zucchini, eggplant baked with spices and basil.

The dish of broccoli and cauliflower in a dietary menu, you can add grated cheese, garlic, green onion, pepper and salt.

To prepare mashed cabbage need 1 cabbage, 2 cloves garlic, 1 liter chicken stock, 2 tbsp. chopped green onions, salt and 50 grams of cheese. Cauliflower should be divided into florets, pour broth and simmer for 20 minutes until soft, then add the broth garlic and herbs. Thereafter, it is necessary to remove water from cabbage and grind it in a blender until smooth, and then add a small amount of broth. To taste the dish, you can add salt and pepper and fill the greens. The mashed potatoes for satiety can add a small amount of grated hard cheese.