Drugs for weight loss

Drugs for weight loss - a group of drugs that target weight loss, normalization of metabolic processes of the body. Drugs for weight correction in most cases using a complex, the effect of a dietary supplement diet and active exercise. The use of any of the drugs for weight control should be coordinated with a dietitian after passing the comprehensive examination in order to avoid side effects.

Drugs for weight loss: classification, basic principles of action of drugs

 Drugs for weight loss can help only if they choose, taking into account individual characteristics
 Drugs for weight loss are a means of pharmacological correction weight. Today the pharmaceutical market are many tools to help normalize body weight. Select the right, the most effective drug for weight correction is possible only after the establishment of the causes of obesity.

The determining factors for obesity include:

  •   Genetics;
  •   The social status of the person;
  •   Psychological stress and chronic depression;
  •   metabolic disease;
  •   Hormonal imbalance;
  •   Malnutrition and obesity even with a healthy diet.

Drugs for weight loss is not used as the primary means to address the problem of excess weight. Obesity (overweight) requires an integrated approach and, above all, to eliminate its causes, or even the most effective methods and medications for weight loss will be not effective.

All corrective drugs classified on the following principles:

  • On application - internal and external (creams, gels, contribute to the breakdown of subcutaneous fat);
  •   According to the principle of action - appetite suppressants, means preventing the absorption of fat from food, drugs that normalize metabolic processes;
  •   By way of action and has an effect - anoreksiki, meal replacement and nutraceuticals, cleaning agents, fat burners.

Are anorexic drugs for weight loss, having anorexigenic effect. The drugs affect the brain centers responsible for the feeling of satiety, which is why the patient is configured to use a smaller amount of food. Application of funds for this type of weight loss is most comfortable for the patient as contribute to the development of a new food culture.

Meal Replacements nutraceuticals or used in conjunction with diet therapy. The effect is achieved by replacing one or more meals for weight loss drugs. Nutraceuticals contain a minimum quantity of drugs, a balanced mix of vitamins, micro and macro. The composition of such drugs include cellulose, which swelled in the stomach creates a saturation effect.

The principle of operation is based on fat burners increase heat production, which helps to activate the metabolism, appetite suppression, lipolysis. However, these slimming have the desired effect only if the relevant physical activity and dietary diet.

Cleansing diet promote weight loss due to a mild laxative and diuretic effect. Often the basis of these drugs used natural ingredients (cranberries leaves, grass senna). Such preparations are in compliance with all rules of the most safe and easy to use, the effect is noticeable almost immediately. However, the uncontrolled use of cleaning products are washed out of the body's proteins, his dehydration.

Drugs for weight loss: the advantages and disadvantages

The effectiveness of each of the drugs for weight loss completely and totally dependent on the proper selection of the drug in each individual case, as well as the reasons, provoking overweight.

The main benefits of drugs for weight loss are:

  •   Easy to use;
  •   Efficiency;
  •   No need for physical activity.

However, along with the obvious benefits of pharmacological drugs for weight loss has the following disadvantages:

  •   Serious side effects;
  •   The fragility of progress - drugs for weight loss can not be used for an extended period of time. If during the period of application of preparations and weight loss in humans does not produce a new food culture, the high risk of weight regain;
  •   Contraindications significantly restricting the use of drugs, which generally include a variety of diseases, pregnancy, lactation, age, individual intolerance.

Despite the fact that most of the anti-obesity agents released from pharmacies without a prescription, on their safety and effectiveness, nutritionists do not recommend highly self-treatment of overweight pharmacological means. The uncontrolled use of drugs for weight loss can significantly impair the function of body systems.

The most effective drugs for weight loss: sibutramine and orlistat

Among the most effective drugs for weight loss isolated centrally acting agents (anoreksiki) and peripheral actions (inhibitor of gastrointestinal lipases).

The most effective drugs for weight loss is the central action of sibutramine. This drug inhibits the reuptake of neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine and serotonin, enhancing the feeling of satiety, which helps reduce the amount of food intake and the formation of right habits. This drug also helps to activate the sympathetic nervous system and increase energy expenditure. Sibutramine is not addictive and habituation, and has no neurotoxic effects. When taking this drug, many patients reported the following side effects:

  •   Increased blood pressure;
  •   Irregular heartbeat;
  •   Dizziness;
  •   nausea, vomiting.

 Drugs for weight loss can be used in conjunction with exercise
 The most effective drugs for weight loss is orlistat peripheral actions. This drug blocks the action of pancreatic lipase, which contributes to reduction of fat absorption in the intestine and 30%. This effect creates a calorie deficit that promotes weight loss. Orlistat helps to reduce and maintain the achieved results, normalization of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism.

Drugs for weight loss: reviews of patients, doctors' recommendations

When choosing products for weight loss ratings patients will understand which side effects commonly occur when using various means, and partly determine the effectiveness of the drug. When choosing products for weight loss ratings patients may become a key factor. Drugs for weight control are used only in agreement with the doctor after undergoing a complete examination and exclusion of conditions and diseases, is a contraindication to its use.