Almost every overweight person wants to get rid of the hated extra kilograms, taking to achieve their goals various measures.  Slimming at home
   Someone regularly visits the gym, muscle shakes, runs, deals with cardiovascular and achieves its objectives through a long training .  Someone close various diets that allow for some time to lose weight, which, unfortunately, is returned .  Therefore, for those who prefer this method of weight loss, it is better to adhere to the principles of proper nutrition .  There is also a category of people who prefer to get rid of excess weight with the help of various procedures for weight loss .  Some procedures for weight loss can be done at home by yourself, but there are those that are performed only in specialized salons as their performance requires equipment - hardware procedure .  Regardless of whether those treatments alone or a skilled craftsman, they are quite effective in reducing excess weight and getting rid of cellulite .

Effective treatments for weight loss at home

The most effective treatments for weight loss and getting rid of the orange peel at home are wraps, hot tub and self-massage.

Wraps are very useful for the skin, and to perform such a procedure for weight loss at home you need to use honey, chocolate syrup, a mixture of algae, or clay, which can be purchased in stores or pharmacies. We all know that honey can increase the body's defenses, its direct use rejuvenates the skin and accelerates cell renewal of the organism.

Such a procedure for weight loss improves the immune system, normalizes metabolism in the dermis and subcutaneous tissue, stimulates lipolysis, reduces the amount of fat in the most problematic areas, facilitates the removal of excess fluid from the body, removes toxins and wastes .  Immediately before the procedure, in order to achieve the best results, you must perform a light relaxing full body massage and peeling of the skin, then apply honey essence, clay, melted chocolate or algae, the body is covered with plastic wrap, and then covered with a warm blanket .  The duration of such a procedure for weight loss is an average of 1, 5 hours, after which the client performs in the cabin full body massage and offer a warm shower, which can be done at home .  Then, lightly soaked body with a towel and wearing a bathrobe, you need to lie down for half an hour under a warm blanket .  Apply cream after such a procedure does not need to lose weight, but to achieve the result must be made not less than five wraps .

Hot tubs are not as useful for the skin, rather than wrapping. They are very easy to perform at home, the main thing - to use sea salt, baking soda, herbal teas, Dead Sea salt and aromatic oils. The most effective treatment for weight loss, the essence of which is to take a hot bath, as follows:

  • 500 g of sea salt or Dead Sea salt, 300 grams of baking soda and a decoction of chamomile Calendula should be poured into the water. You need to take a bath for 15-20 minutes, the heart area, it is desirable to keep above the water surface.

In order to achieve the visual effect of these slimming of reviews must be performed for 3 weeks, with a break between sessions of 1-2 days.

If funds are to visit massage parlors there, that is a great alternative procedure - self-massage that almost anyone can perform and at home. An executable self-massage directly affects body fat, contributes to its reduction, eliminates cellulite and smoothes the skin.

Cabin slimming

Along with liposuction is performed by the operation, there is a more secure, but less effective procedure for weight loss, which is performed with ultrasound - cavitation. It is used for figure correction, cellulite treatment in problem areas and to remove the fat. This procedure is performed for weight loss with the help of a special device with nozzles through which comes to problem areas ultrasound. During the execution of cavitation painlessly destroyed fat tissue anywhere on the body, and uses a special cosmetics, which allows you to consolidate the achieved results. In order to achieve tangible results it is necessary to perform cavitation 5-10 sessions, with a break between treatments in 5 days. The duration of such a slimming is, depending on the number of zones being explored, from 20 minutes to 1 hour.

Get rid of cellulite help running the vacuum massage performed using special massage cans or a special device with a variety of nozzles. Apparatus and banks create a pressure drop on the surface of the soft tissues of the skin, thereby worked out even the deepest layers, increases metabolism, and is released from toxic substances. The session this slimming lasts an average of no more than 40 minutes, the number of procedures ranges 8-10 sessions.

Another effective procedure for weight loss is a new-fangled pressure therapy, which can reduce the volume of any body part. Problematic areas of the body are tightened in the brace, which receives the compressed air, which improves blood flow in the body. One such procedure for effective weight loss replaces the 20 sessions of manual massage. For best results, you want to spend at least 14 such procedures, the frequency of which is between 1 day.  Cabin slimming - reviews

For those who are not able or willing to go to the gym, there is an effective procedure for weight loss as myostimulation. During the procedure the human body are attached special electrodes that cause muscles to contract by continuous exposure to shock. During one session a slimming Review burned nearly 2,000 calories, which is why the client there is no need to visit the gym. Lean body mass is actively increasing and fat gradually disappears. The number of procedures required to achieve the best results of 10 daily sessions. Myostimulation contraindicated in pregnancy, gynecological diseases, tumor formations and during the critical days.

Additional procedures for weight loss, which can be performed after the more powerful hardware procedures is the use of d'Arsonval apparatus through which the current flows to the skin of a very low frequency. Because of sparks machine efficiently on the skin and increases blood flow, resulting in excess fluid away from the body, and the hated fat melt before our eyes.