The method of weight loss Semenova
 Sergey Semenov - Russian psychotherapist, the psychiatrist and acupuncture, developed many effective psychological techniques to help people cope with various substance abuse and psychosomatic diseases, including and methods, allowing people to get rid of the extra kilos.

There are many ways to lose weight, including the most popular diets, cosmetic treatments and massages, coding systems from obesity and exercise as they at any time can achieve a positive result. However, in most cases the lost weight back, because man can not long refrain from high-calorie food and sooner or later begins to re-introduce it into your diet.

Author slimming techniques Semenov believes that this trend is based on the fact that overweight people have a psycho-physiological predisposition to fat accumulation, which is expressed in the need to consume more calories than is actually required by the body. This leads to weight gain, overeating becomes a deep rooted plant, which deal with a person on their own is very difficult.

Slimming Methods Semenova of reviews is the radical way that allows the body to switch into the energy regime in which weight loss occurs naturally.

The method of weight loss Semenova

Numerous studies of weight loss Semenov was found that the accumulation of excess weight is due to the occurrence of the organism offline stockpiling fat and all you need to lose weight - the body's switch mode natural weight loss, which can be achieved by means of psychophysical mood person to get rid of overweight. Semenov identifies three power mode in which the body can exist, the main differentiating feature of each of which is to set up mechanisms of self-regulation of eating behavior, namely:

  • Mode energy balance when a person consumes food it is an amount that corresponds to its energy needs;
  • Mode power consumption of excess energy consumption, in which a person experiences a saturation by consuming food in a slight excess;
  • Mode fat reserves with some energy deficit in which a person experiences a saturation by consuming low-calorie foods.

The third mode is the necessary condition of the body at which the weight loss comes naturally. This can be achieved under the influence of different factors, but it always comes after the switch.

Weight loss program by Semenov assumes such a switch when the body is in the first or second energy mode. Achieving changes through a special session psychocorrectional, which includes mental and physical switch procedure and autogenous reprogramming. It is this procedure allows the transfer during a session of a person needs to lose weight mental attitude and spread its influence throughout the body.  Types of weight loss methods Semenova

The result of slimming session Semenov is a complete change in eating behavior of man - without much effort he manages to consume fewer calories, hunger is suppressed, saturation occurs in time, eliminating over-eating and satiety persists for several hours. Man gets pleasure by eating low-calorie and healthy food, and to comply with such a diet is psychologically very easily.

After one session Semenova weight loss occurs through the compliance with the recommendations of experts about a balanced low-calorie diet. Terms of supply are not particularly different from the generally accepted, but there are a number of specific features that allow a person to easily adhere to the correct power mode. The effectiveness Slimming times higher compared to other methods.

Types of weight loss methods Semenova

Slimming Methods Semenov has developed more than 30 years ago. Now it exists as a series of individual techniques, including in addition to the psychological impact and use medications - massage and acupuncture. The right to use a method of weight loss Semenova only receive specially prepared by the author, doctors in the structure of organizations that have a license to conduct medical activity.

Significant differences between the methods of weight loss is not Semenova, the technology itself is psychological, but it is possible, and the use of non-psychological approach in cases where the process of weight loss prevent existing disease.

Total single session of any of the methods of weight loss Semenova of reviews is enough to start the necessary treatment in humans. This session lasts 4-5 hours. This time is sufficient to change the mood of the psychophysical organism and to switch it into a natural weight loss, in which a person can easily observe the rules of low-calorie food.

Weight starts phasing safe for human health rate. In this fast getting rid of extra kilograms as in a rigid diet is not observed, but the results of the weight loss are fixed permanently. Upon reaching the desired weight class, the body switches to save the results. It is at this stage of the procedure due to Semenov weight loss stops, and the results are usually able to keep forever.