Wrap Slimming

In any beauty salon to reduce the amount you will definitely offer wraps for weight loss. But at home, you can make effective wraps for weight loss. Consider the secrets of effective body wraps recipes for weight loss.  Wrapping for weight loss - a procedure that can be performed at home

Types of wraps for weight loss

There are plenty of wraps: seaweed, mustard, clay, honey, chocolate and so on. All of them are divided into hot and cold. And hot and cold stimulates weight loss: cold - by a sharp narrowing of blood vessels, hot - due to the expansion of blood vessels.

Terms of home body wraps for weight loss

When using wraps at home, follow these guidelines:

  • Do not mix home remedies from different manufacturers;
  • Do not wrap when you are tired or feel unwell;
  • Before the procedure, it is desirable to take a bath with sea salt to clean the skin, to withdraw excess liquid and remove puffiness;
  • The day before the wraps do not do hair removal, especially when the composition contains wraps red pepper, ginger, or cinnamon;
  • Do not perform wrapping, if the skin is damaged or you have kidney failure, cardiovascular disease, any chronic nature of the disease in the acute stage;
  • Use the components for wraps, which you do not have allergies.

Rules applying wraps for weight loss

For home body wraps for weight loss, you can use plastic wrap or lie down in a warm bath (37 to 38 degrees). Before wrapping, take a shower and proskrabiruyte skin. Then wipe dry and apply prepared wrapping on the problem areas. Do not apply too thick - the result will not be affected. If you use a film - after wrapping put on warm clothes, lie down, take cover with a blanket and relax. After the passage of time in the shower rinse off the mixture and apply to the skin lotion, cream or other blend for weight loss, and then can hold a light anti-cellulite or lymphatic drainage massage.

Recipes wraps for weight loss

The most common of all wraps recipes for weight loss are seaweed wraps. They help fight cellulite and reduce the volume of the body. These wraps are used sheets of kelp, which are soaked in water. If you want to spend a cold wrap, water temperature should be 25-26 degrees, which is necessary to soak the sheets for 40-50 minutes. If you want to wrap hot, you need to soak the sheets of kelp for 10 to 15 minutes in water temperatures of 37-38 degrees. After soaking the sheets of kelp must be imposed on your skin. Lying with seaweed wraps must be over 30-40 minutes. Contraindications to this procedure are the diseases of the thyroid gland.  Honey wrap for weight loss helps to eliminate toxins

Seaweed wraps perfectly used as wraps for weight loss abdomen.

Honey wrap slimming

Honey wrap slimming effectively nourishes and moisturizes the skin. After him, the skin ceases to tender to the touch and the young. It stimulates the metabolism in tissues, thereby enhancing fat burning and removing excess fluid that removes puffiness and improves the immune system.

Honey absorbs toxins and removes them from the body, thus purifying it and preventing the accumulation of fat.

During the honey Wraps not use a blanket because at high temperatures honey loses its beneficial properties and crystallizes at a low temperature. Prior to wrapping the skin should proskrabirovat and promassazhirovat. Then applied to the body of medical and wrapped using the film for 20-30 minutes.

After the passage of time, take a shower and relax under a blanket for 15-30 minutes.

Body wraps for weight loss with clay

Clay wraps reduce the volume of the body by increasing metabolism in the cells, oxygen saturation of the skin, restoring the balance of salt and moisture.

Clay fights with local deposits of fat, so is an ideal component wraps for weight loss abdomen. It also clears the body of toxins and toxic substances, excess fluid, eliminating the fibrous cellulite.

It is necessary to dissolve the clay with warm water, apply it to the skin and shrink-wrapped. Lying need 20-30 minutes and wash off the clay in the shower. To enhance the draining effect of the clay wraps, can be added to a mixture of essential oils and algae.

Try to lead a course of home body wraps for weight loss, which consists of 10-15 treatments two or three times a week and see how effective body wraps for weight loss.