Drink diet

 Pohudin tea - a drink for weight loss
 Beautiful figure is the goal for many women and men around the world. The question of excess weight is related to both the cosmetic and to the practice of medicine. Extra weight not only detract from the appearance, but also contribute to the development of serious diseases. The higher the weight, the more likely there are heart disease, blood vessels, joints, spine, reproductive system and metabolism. Of course, health problems mostly occur after 40 years, but in the younger age extra weight interferes with the normal functioning internal organs. Obesity is one of the diseases of civilization. This means that overweight is mainly found in urban residents, leading a sedentary lifestyle. Obesity is very common in Russia. Ways to combat obesity much discussed on the Internet. In this article we will talk about the drinks for weight loss.

The principles of using diet drinks

In a broad sense drinks for weight loss - is any liquid that we use in order to reduce weight. Certain classification can apply in respect of those products. Thus, beverages are divided into those that are used instead of food, those that affect digestion and those that affect metabolism.

Eat liquid instead of food can be to reduce the feeling of hunger. Ideally, it is desirable to use clean drinking water. This drink contains no calories, is absolutely safe and versatile. Water clears the body of harmful products of disintegration of adipose tissue. Thus, using water instead of eating, you not only reduce the energy value of the diet, but also are contributing to the well-being on any diet.

Instead of eating it is also possible to use other liquids: special cocktails for weight loss, protein drinks from the sports nutrition or just dairy products. All these drinks are very effective for weight loss, if you drink them instead of dinner, or even instead of several meals.

Group for weight loss drinks that affect digestion, is not very diverse. Basically it consists of different teas for weight loss with a laxative effect. This drink helps to cleanse the bowel. You can also expect to decrease the digestibility of calories eaten and a small appetite loss. Slimming Tea should not be used too often. In addition to indigestion, this method of weight loss is fraught with reduction of absorbability of useful vitamins and minerals. Later, after the abolition of laxative tea, likely to develop constipation.

A separate group stand drinks for weight loss, affecting the metabolism. These liquids contribute to the removal of excess water from the body, improve metabolism, increase fat burning during a diet. It is known that adipose tissue is vigorously decomposes only in the presence of certain vitamins, enzymes and trace elements. Drink diet may contain such substances, and thus facilitate the rapid and severe weight loss.

Drink recipe, used instead of food

Instead of eating can be used for weight loss drink, do not require special recipes. Drinking water, dairy products sold in any shop. For this group of beverages most importantly - their correct use.

Water diet drink instead of food in the evening and a glass before breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. Dairy products, choose only low in fat. During the day you can drink 1-1, 5 liters of kefir, yogurt, sour. These drinks can be taken instead of dinner, or even instead of food for the whole day.

As a useful drink for weight loss can recommend a cocktail based on cottage cheese. Take 200 grams of fat-free yogurt, apple and an average of 100 grams of milk. Apple rub on a grater. In the bowl of a blender, beat cheese and milk, add the grated apple and mix. This hearty drink for weight loss will help you maintain the health and beauty during any diet. You can drink it instead of dinner, and can be used in the morning.

Drink recipes for weight loss, have a laxative effect

Slimming tea with laxative effect can be bought at a pharmacy. Drink recipes for weight loss in this group usually consists of several components. Most often in tea include senna (Senna) and buckthorn. Independently laxative tea can be made from a purchased in a pharmacy herbal products. Slimming tea infused over 10-15 minutes, you can drink it several times a day. The multi-slimming tea are diuretics and grass. Their long-term use is not advisable without consulting a specialist.

Recipes drinks affecting metabolism

Such beverages can be attributed to weight loss green tea. The recipe for green tea is known to all. The main thing, remember that the leaves of the tea brew need water at a temperature of about 70 degrees, but not boiling water.  Green tea - a drink for weight loss

Coffee also promotes weight loss. This drink contains antioxidants, and thus helps to combat manifestations of aging. Caffeine helps to maintain health, vitality, good mood. You should not abuse the coffee, especially in the evening hours.

There are multi-component drinks for weight loss, helps burn fat. For example, water with lemon, lime, mint and cucumber promotes active weight loss. To make this drink, take 2 liters of drinking water, lime, lemon, cucumber, a bunch of mint and ginger root. The jar, pour water, add chopped lime and lemon. Grate the ginger grater and place in the water, too. Cucumber can also grind a knife or rub on a grater. Then add the resulting mass into water. Mint chop finely with a knife or your hands to tear into small pieces, add to the bowl of water. The resulting lemonade 8 hours in the refrigerator. Then drink for weight loss is necessary to drink half a cup every half hour or a little less.

Drink ginger for weight loss is even more popular. To make it, take ginger root, peppermint, lemon, green tea. Ginger is necessary to rub on a fine grater, pour the juice of one lemon, add the chopped mint and a tablespoon of green tea. All these ingredients pour boiling water at a temperature of about 70-80 degrees. Water should be about 2 liters. Drink ginger for weight loss is to infuse for about an hour, then it can be used in the heat and cold.

Reviews of drinks for weight loss

Reviews of drinks for weight loss in most cases positive. They are considered an auxiliary method for reducing body weight. Of course, to get rid of the extra kilos, you have to change your lifestyle and diet.

Drink diet may be useful as an additional measure in the fight against obesity. Health and tonic effect have drink with lime and ginger. In addition, many say their wonderful taste. Water, coffee, green tea, dairy products and cheese-based cocktail may also play a role in the fight against excess weight.