Honey Diet

Honey diet is not only one of the most delicious and enjoyable diet, but also one of the most effective. Furthermore, it is useful for the organism. The effectiveness of honey weight loss diet is in action "correct" carbohydrates, which is easily absorbed by the body and under certain conditions help to quickly get rid of excess weight. In the opinion, the honey diet gets rid of six kilograms in two weeks.  Features honey weight loss diet

The main component of the diet of honey is honey - a natural dietary product. According to numerous reviews, honey is highly effective for weight loss. So if for a month instead of sugar use honey, you can throw ten extra pounds. This is quite apart from the fact that some honeys several times sweeter than sugar.

What is the use of honey diet for weight loss?

Despite the fact that honey is a fairly high-calorie foods (calories in a spoonful of honey about 30), the main principle of the honey weight loss is the ability of the product to adjust the function of the pancreas. Honey weight of useful properties that help normalize the acidity of gastric juice, which in turn reduces the load gastric lipase main feature is the accumulation of fat cells, deposited as fat in the body creases. Thus, restraining the gastrointestinal lipase honey prevents fat cells to settle in the body.

In addition, honey weight loss promotes the breakdown of existing fat, which promotes rapid weight loss almost effortlessly.

The basic principles of a diet of honey

Precondition honey diet is a ban on food, as part of which contains starch as honey when entering into reaction with the starch loses its beneficial properties. In the opinion, the honey diet is combined with fermented milk and dairy products, so they have to be part of honey to lose weight.

During the observance of honey diet is recommended to use fruits and vegetables without starch, rich in vitamin A, carotene and fiber. Perfectly suited tomatoes, beets, carrots, apples and sweet pepper. Fiber promotes normal peristalsis, and carotene and vitamin A, with the assistance of honey contribute to the rapid fat burning.

Honey weight loss diet prevents the appearance of cellulite and promotes its disappearance.

It is important to know that before you begin to comply with honey diet, you should consult a specialist, since honey is a strong allergen. In addition, the honey diet is not recommended for kidney stones.

The recipe for weight loss with honey №1

This type of honey diet involves daily consumption of honey drink special. The beverage must be taken twice a day, one hour before breakfast and two hours before bedtime. Products under this slimming honey resolved everything, but you must make sure that the number of calories consumed per day does not exceed 1200 together with honey. Recall that the calories in a spoonful of honey about 30. It is desirable that the last meal coincided with an evening reception drink.

A cook mead is very simple: one tablespoon of honey you must stir in half a cup of water and add a little lemon juice.

The recipe for weight loss with honey №2

This diet involves taking honey for breakfast, lunch and dinner, one teaspoon of honey. It is preferable to add honey to any product, such as cottage cheese or tea. Also, when this honey weight loss is necessary to once a day to eat 200 grams of boiled vegetables without starch and berries. It is possible during the day to eat a citrus fruit and drink 750 ml of sour juice without sugar. It is mandatory in the menu diet should include low-fat dairy products. Tea and water can be drunk without limitation, but without sugar.

Recommended break this honey diet of five meals and adhere to it for 14 days. If you follow all the conditions of the diet, then during that time you can throw two to six kilograms.

The recipe for weight loss with honey №3

This honey diet for weight loss is designed for two days, during which only allowed the use of fluids with high acidity. Also allowed green tea and non-carbonated water. To prepare a liquid, need 50 g of honey, juice of 15 lemons and three-liter jar of carbonated water. This liquid is almost has no energy value, a poet weight loss is guaranteed. The fluid contains high concentrations of citric acid, which reduces the feeling of hunger, and sucrose and glucose, contained in honey, will rapidly burn excess fat from the body's reserves.

Honey Diet for the lazy

British nutritionists have developed a special honey diet that, by their confidence, help to lose weight, even if a day does not get out of bed. This diet allows you to throw up to half a kilo a day. It is based on the fact that the body burns the most calories during sleep and not awake. But in order to start the process of burning calories before bedtime necessarily need to eat 30 calories of honey (spoon). According to nutritionists, honey activates a hormone that promotes rapid burning fat. And the result was even more impressive, three times a week is necessary to exercise or yoga.  Sample menu diet honey

Sample menu diet of honey for the lazy:

  • Breakfast: cereal or oatmeal on skim milk with the addition of one tablespoon of honey, 200 ml of apple or tomato juice.
  • Second breakfast: a fresh fruit or dried fruit, a handful of nuts or seeds.
  • Lunch: vegetable salad (you can of mushrooms and cucumber), a piece of chicken, bacon, a couple of slices of whole grain bread with tuna, one fruit, 200 ml of any fresh juice.
  • Lunch: banana, apple, carrot, a slice of low-fat cheese, some peanuts and raisins.
  • Dinner: salad of fresh vegetables, baked potato stuffed with onions and mushrooms or 150 g salmon, grilled with the addition of olive oil, low-fat yogurt, 200 ml fresh vegetable or fruit juice.

Honey bath and honey massage

To enhance the effectiveness of honey diet will help decision-honey baths and honey massage. Honey generally has the properties to accelerate the metabolism and rid the body of excess fluid. To make honey bath, need to 8 tablespoons of sea salt, 2 tablespoons honey and 2 pinches of red pepper.

And after a bath will be very useful massage with honey. For honey massage should be applied on the body avocado oil or grape seed oil. Then you need to take in your hand a little honey and carefully rub the problem areas of the body. Once the body is warmed up, it is necessary to leave the honey for a while, and then wash off in the shower.