Prinitse weight loss, described in the book Easy way to lose weight
 Allen Carr - American author that has gained popularity thanks to the bestseller "The Easy Way to Stop Smoking". It was the success of the book has allowed the former accountant to become a founder of an international network of clinics "Easy way" in which the author applies his method.

In the book "An easy way to lose weight," the author used the same method and the philosophical approach as for the fight against smoking. The problem of excess weight it is considered from the point of view is not medicine, but rather the psychological aspect - inner fears and overcome them through awareness. The book found its fans, however, in the opinion it is much less efficient than a book on how to quit smoking.

The easiest way to lose weight Carr believes the ability to:

  • Enjoy the taste of your favorite foods and dishes without changing their habits;
  • Avoid creating feelings of guilt and remorse for breach of the decision;
  • Examine their own eating habits, and discover new tastes;
  • Do not follow the habits and imposed opinions and follow their desires and appetites.

The philosophy of Allen Carr method "Easy way to lose weight"

The method, which glorified the author, is unique because it is based solely on its own findings Carr after visiting a hypnotherapist. Allen Carr could not quit smoking after the session itself, and after realizing that a person sometimes enough to realize their own fears, to get rid of dependence. The same method he suffered, and the problem of excess weight.

As the easiest way to lose weight Carr offers to stop fighting obesity. At the beginning of the book the author draws attention to the universality of his method, saying that it would be more correct to call it "An easy way to weigh as much as you want." That is why this approach is equally effective for those who want to lose weight, and for people who dream of gaining weight.

The main idea of ​​the book is not a specially designed program with a step by step description of diet, calorie foods or lifestyle based on careful study of the problem and the impact of the products of metabolism in the body. Allen Carr in his book "An easy way to lose weight" focuses precisely on the fact that losing weight should be easy, but life is not given to fight, and to rejoice.

That is what the author considers the essence and its method that can be easily applied to virtually any dependencies. He sees no need to change the method for different dependencies and phobias, and does not recommend them to solve chemically with the selection of substitutes. According to the author, the problem of excess weight is easy and simple enough psychological decision.

As the easiest way to lose weight, Carr offers is the psychological impact. In his opinion, this method is quite effective, but is not supported and is not advertised because of the fact that for the solution of the problem of excess weight are billions of revenues from video courses, books, new diets and supplements.

Thus, the basic idea that permeates the book - to realize that overeating, addiction to unhealthy food and other habits that cause obesity - it is stupid behavior that interferes enjoy life. It is absolutely not necessary to prohibit the willpower to do it yourself. The struggle can bring only a temporary feeling of joy, while the acceptance of self, with all its flaws and positive thinking can really make life better.

The main theses of the book "An easy way to lose weight"

Speaking in his book, how to lose weight, Allen Carr once said that there are no diets, because he does not believe in their effectiveness, but the main problem is overeating, which leads to an unhealthy diet.  The philosophy of the method of Allen Carr Easy Way to Lose Weight

The main theses of the book can be summarized as follows:

  • You can eat your favorite foods in unlimited quantities. The author believes that a person, in fact, love is not imposed by modern industry preservatives and semi-finished products and natural products with minimal thermal processing - nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables, grains and herbs. Describing how to lose weight, Allen Carr emphasizes that only fresh food is capable of bringing true joy and pleasure;
  • To eat it is necessary not on the schedule, and at the request. Allen Carr has a negative attitude to the habit to follow the rules imposed by society. Apply in respect of the principle of food "as necessary" it is not recommended;
  • Try not to overeat, but even if it happened - not to suffer pangs of conscience that will only aggravate the situation;
  • No need to try to treat diseases of the digestive system. This will happen naturally after the transition to proper nutrition;
  • Examine their own eating habits, and discover new tastes. This is one of the components of an easy way to lose weight by Allen Carr. Learning new tastes will easily give up many drinks imposed by advertising in favor of clean water, and from harmful products - in favor of the natural and healthy. It's enough to stop using food automatically and do it consciously.

Reviews of "an easy way to lose weight" can be found on the Internet. Most of those who were looking for clear instructions and prescribed a diet based on scientific data remain somewhat disappointed. Also, many believe that most of the recommendations in the book are well-known and are ineffective.

Usually the book Allen Carr bought by those who could really easy to quit smoking after reading it. However, they are mostly noted in the review of the "easy way to lose weight", which stop overeat, go on a proper diet and thereby lose weight is much harder than quitting smoking.

However, according to many women, the methodology proposed by Allen Carr, really is the easiest way to lose weight if you stop wasting time fighting with them and start to think positively. Do not waste life in the hope of the invention, a simple and effective at the same time a universal diet. This illusion is better to change to flexible thinking, acceptance of self, with all its shortcomings and desire to enjoy every day.