How to lose weight fast with cinnamon
 Cinnamon - a fragrant spice that gives a pleasant aroma and taste of baked goods, desserts, food, drinks .  Cinnamon is known to consumers in the form of ground spices or dried tubes with brown color and rich aroma .  Duct powder spices last longer, however, ground cinnamon more intense flavor .  Cinnamon grown in South America, India, Burma, Sri Lanka .  In ancient times, the people of Egypt used this spice for embalming and sacrifices .  And in Austria, cinnamon added to bouquets .  Adding spice to the bouquets was a sign of devotion and love .  Cinnamon for weight loss began to use relatively recently .  Scientists have conducted a series of experiments and studies have confirmed the ability of spices and normalize blood sugar and reduce the appetite .  To lose weight with cinnamon, nutritionists recommend adding it to cereal, cottage cheese, milk, tea, coffee .  A pastry with cinnamon on extra kilos does not relieve .

Useful properties and calorie cinnamon

How useful cinnamon for weight loss? Calorie Cinnamon low. The composition of spices include dietary fibers. Fibers gently stimulate the intestines and prevent constipation. This spice accelerates the decomposition of sugar, helps to reduce the appetite, a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

Calorie Cinnamon is about 260 kcal per hundred grams of product. The composition of herbs includes many useful components. This monosaccharides, disaccharides, essential oils, vitamins, macro- and microelements.

With a low calorie cinnamon has anticoagulant, antipyretic, anti-bacterial and diuretic properties. In Chinese medicine, essential oils spice has been used successfully in the treatment of colds and flu.

Cinnamon for weight loss regulates the concentration of sugar in the blood plasma, as well as for the body removes harmful cholesterol.

Due to its beneficial properties, the spice has a positive effect on the body with diarrhea, constipation, depression, excess bile, diseases of the digestive and nervous systems. The essential oil of cinnamon acts as a natural preservative and copes with the destruction of pathogens.

Some comments about cinnamon for weight loss is said that the spice reduces appetite, dulling the sensation of hunger. The smell of cinnamon increases the activity of the brain, mood, improves visual memory.

The positive impact of this spice and the kidneys. A weight normalization is not possible without proper kidney function.

When using cinnamon for weight loss extra kilos leave not only without harm, but also with great benefit to the body. Spicy medicine delicately and gently cleanse the body of accumulated toxins.

How to lose weight with cinnamon

To benefit from cinnamon to lose weight was the maximum, it is necessary to take into account two important factors. It is the quality and freshness of the spices. Spice powder can be stored no more than six months. Cinnamon sticks are stored in the form of not more than one year in a glass container in a dark place.

To lose weight with cinnamon, it should be regularly added to various dishes. In a review of cinnamon for weight loss indicates that the per meal it is necessary to use at least half a teaspoon of spices. With regular use of spices normal metabolism, improve digestion and absorption of food, improves kidney function. Everyone knows that the weight lost in the normalization of all systems and organs of the body, it gives a very long lasting results.

To lose weight with cinnamon, it is desirable to add all drinks and desserts instead of sugar. It is also very useful for everyday drinking mead and cinnamon. After all, these products - natural antiseptics, adversely affecting the parasites and bacteria that inhabit the intestine and slow digestion. In a review of cinnamon for weight loss it is said that this mead spiciness first removes fat deposits in the abdomen, and then all over the body.

It is also effective to smear the bread with a mixture of cinnamon and honey. Get useful and wonderful breakfast.

With regular wrap with spicy volume of the body are reduced by one centimeter in just one session. During this procedure, the body cleans and excess fluid, improves lymph flow, stimulates enzymatic processes, improves blood circulation. To prepare the mixture for wrapping should take about twenty grams of clay, stir it in a small amount of warm water. Then, the resulting mixture was added a stick of cinnamon and two or three drops of essential oil of orange or grapefruit.

Before wrapping is necessary to clean the skin with a scrub or peeling. On problem areas apply the mixture to wrap and food wrap film. Then, it is desirable to lay down a blanket and wrap yourself. An hour later, the mixture should be washed off and then put on the skin cellulite cream.

Recipes drinks with cinnamon for weight loss

To prepare the drink with cinnamon for weight loss need to take a glass of low-fat yogurt and a pinch of cinnamon. Thoroughly mix all ingredients and drink. To reduce the amount of food consumed yogurt with cinnamon need to drink just before a meal. This spicy drink is perfectly nourishes the body and reduces sugar cravings. Yogurt with cinnamon and is perfect for handling day. On the day of need and a half liters of yogurt and a teaspoon of cinnamon.

You can make coffee and cinnamon for weight loss. Easy to prepare your favorite coffee is necessary to add a pinch of spice. It is not necessary to add sugar or sugar substitutes.

Pharmacies sell special coffee with cinnamon for weight loss. It is enough to pour boiling water over a spoonful of powder and stir well.

Tea with cinnamon for weight loss should be added in a teapot about five grams of cinnamon. This drink with cinnamon for weight loss can drink at any time. It not only quenches thirst but also uplifting.

Cocktails with cinnamon for weight loss can replace snacks.  Cinnamon for weight loss - and effectiveness reviews
 To prepare cocktail of pear pulp pears should be mixed with a glass of milk, a teaspoon of lemon juice. Then add to the mix of about twenty grams of condensed milk and half spoon cinnamon. This cocktail can be made from any fruit, combine sour cream, oatmeal, cocoa, milk and other ingredients.

Contraindications to the use of cinnamon for weight loss

Despite the benefits, the use of cinnamon for weight loss and has a contra. You can not use this seasoning during pregnancy because it can cause uterine contractions.

You also can not use cinnamon for weight loss during breastfeeding, as well as high blood pressure, internal bleeding of various origin.

Do not use cinnamon for weight loss if you are hypersensitive and increased excitability.