Low-carb diet

Low-carb diet - a diet in which preference is given to products with low-carb.  Features of low-carb diets
 When low-carb diet the body uses its own stocks of unused energy (fat). This reduces the production of insulin, resulting in fat layers in the human self-destruct. When low-carb diet Eating a balanced so that the body receives only useful components.

Dr. Jeff Volek has studied the impact of a two-month low-carbohydrate diet on hunger hormone, as well as on the regional and overall body composition. In the study of twelve men held low-carbohydrate diet (8% carbohydrate). The control group of eight people was fed by the classical diet. The research in the first group there was a significant reduction in fat mass (minus 3, 4 kg) at increasing lean body mass (plus 1, 1 kg). The control group did not record any changes. According to the study, scientists have concluded that a person with a weight in the normal range in the low-carb diet a reduction in the percentage of fat cells in the body while increasing lean body mass.

Allowed and forbidden foods low-carb diets

Many of the low-carb diet review states that the list of products under this mode power is quite impressive. In the list of authorized products low-carb diet in the first place is the meat. During this diet you can eat chicken, goose, duck, beef, turkey, lean pork. The low-carb diet recipes weight loss should definitely include fish. Preference should be given to the sea, as it is rich in beneficial to the organism omega-3. Do not forget about seafood. Squid, shrimp, crabs, mussels, lobster and oysters are also on the list of foods low-carb diet.

From dairy products in the diet can safely incorporate low-fat cheese or cheese with low-fat cottage cheese. With this type of diet may be the use of eggs. These contain a maximum of protein and low carbohydrate.

From vegetables you can eat tomatoes, cucumbers, leeks, garlic, radishes, celery. You can also include in the diet of all varieties of cabbage, zucchini, snow peas, pumpkin, lettuce. From fruit can be safely added to the diet grapefruit and apples. The rest of the fruits contain carbohydrates in the form of fructose, so they fall in the list of forbidden foods low-carb diet. You should also give up the store juices, soft drinks, alcohol. During the diet can not eat bread, sugar, honey, corn syrup.

For lipolysis (fat cell metabolism) needs water. Water promotes removal ketones. Ketones isolated fat cells. They are used as an energy source.

When low-carb diet may be present in the diet supplements. The most effective are selenium, fiber, carnitine, vitamin B complex, linseed oil, sodium picolinate. Insoluble fiber facilitates the passage of food through the digestive tract, improving the chair and preventing constipation.

Menu low-carbohydrate diet for a week

Menu fairly low-carbohydrate diet rich and varied due to the sufficient amount of protein products. Estimated weekly diet menu will help navigate the selection of dishes and products for the entire period of weight loss.

On Monday, for breakfast you can eat 200 grams of cottage cheese with fruit, a cup of coffee or tea. For lunch Boil 200 grams of lean beef and make vegetable salad without oil. At lunch eat any fruit. For dinner, put out vegetables with rice.  Approved products low-carb diets

In the second day of the diet for breakfast, you can make an omelet with lean ham or cooked chicken breast, drink tea. For lunch, eat 200 grams of beef with a portion of salad. In the afternoon to drink a glass of kefir or milk. For dinner, cook mushroom soup.

On Wednesday, for breakfast you can eat no more than one hundred grams of cheese with fresh fruit or vegetables, tea and coffee. For lunch extinguish cabbage and boiled chicken breast without the skin. At lunch and eat an apple drink plain yogurt. For dinner, prepare a vegetable soup with chicken broth.

On Thursday, cook oatmeal with dried fruit, coffee or tea. At lunch put out chicken with vegetables. At lunch eat fruit and for dinner - buckwheat.

On the fifth day of the low-carbohydrate diet for breakfast, you can eat two boiled eggs with 50 grams of cheese, drink tea. For lunch, bake the turkey and make vegetable salad. In the afternoon to drink a glass of kefir. For dinner extinguish vegetables.

Saturday breakfast to eat two boiled eggs, yogurt or drink a glass of tea. For lunch cook vegetable soup or chicken broth to make vegetable salad. At lunch eat any fruit. For dinner, boiled rice and a piece of fish.

On Sunday, breakfast can be cooked buckwheat porridge, tea. For lunch, make a casserole of fish and vegetables. In the afternoon to drink a glass of kefir. For dinner extinguish vegetables.

If you strictly adhere to the low-carb diet menu for a week, you can get rid of three to seven kilograms of excess weight.

Side effects of low-carb diets

Some nutritionists say that the food, which prescribes this diet may cause side effects. By reducing the amount of carbohydrates in the diet significantly reduced the consumption of fiber. Lack of fiber can result in constipation. Increased consumption of animal products in the low-carbohydrate diet may increase the amount of cholesterol in the body and saturated fats. Some reviews of the low-carbohydrate diet is said that this type of diet causes weakness and wasting. That is why it should not be combined with increased physical activity.