This type of diet is the most common in the diet group. The essence monodiets is used throughout the period of one basic diet product.

In a very short time all the mono-diet can get rid of 2-3 kg of excess weight.

A clear advantage of mono-diet is rapid weight loss. Furthermore, as a main ingredient can select a favorite product. A major drawback mono-diet - lose weight quickly return if not permanently adhere to a moderate supply.

Very negative reviews of mono-diet nutritionists who adhere strictly prohibit such power more than 3 days, because of their reduced number of vitamins and minerals enter the body, which is harmful to health. On the advice of experts, the best solution would be compliance monodiets only for 1 day, ie as the unloading of the day, though a regular basis - once a month or even once a week. That's when the diet is the most effective, with no harm to the body.

Buckwheat monodiet

 Buckwheat monodiet
 Buckwheat - a very rich product for the body, contributing to his cleansing.

For a week or two spent on a mono-diet, reviews confirm, you can say goodbye to 4-10 kilograms.

The secret of buckwheat monodiets is a special cooking porridge as usual cooking is not suitable. It is necessary to take the cereal, pour boiling water over it, and then leave for the night, so she insisted. Eat cooked buckwheat thus can be any number, but without salt and spices. Expand monotonous buckwheat food can be yogurt, fat content of which does not exceed 1%, and should not drink more than 1 liter daily.

Mineral water without gas is allowed to drink without any restrictions. However, there is a kind of "golden" rule, which prohibits the consumption of any food before going to sleep (4-6 hours).

Kefir monodiet

In this diet, there are many options.

The first is a pure mono-diet, suggesting the use of 1-1, 5 liters of yogurt for 5-6 meals, which should take place in regular intervals.

The second option enables to add yogurt (to the same amount as in the previous embodiment) fruits and vegetables, whose number should not exceed 1 kg.

Repetition of such a diet is only possible in a month, and even better in two. Only in this case, you can avoid health problems.

Rice monodiet

Developers diets rice is one of the favorite products. This is due to its unique properties - rice is very nutritious and tasty, and it has an incredibly useful for weight loss ability to adsorb and then excrete harmful substances, toxins and salt. That is why it is believed that rice diet not only help lose weight, but also helps clean the body.

One of the most severe variants of rice mono-diet involves eating all day long rice porridge, cooked from the 1st cup of rice. You can wash down with apple juice, and with a strong sense of hunger are allowed to eat 2-3 apples.

An easier option is to add a small quantity of rice boiled lean meat, steamed vegetables or soy.

To carry out mono-diet is recommended to use brown rice, which contains B vitamins in the required amount for the body. Also, when you use any version of the rice diet recommended to take potassium to avoid deficiency of this vital element in the body.

Mono-diet for 10 days

The essence of this mono-diet is used a single product for all 10 days. For the ten-day diet, for example, are most suitable cereal, but it can also be juices, cheese, fruit.

Before you sit down on a diet for a long-lasting product, is to prepare your body for it. Training should be carried out both in the physical and morally because slimming should not only want to say goodbye to excess weight, but also be firmly convinced that all will certainly succeed. That positive attitude is the key to success. Always worth checking your health before monodiet and consult the feasibility of such a power with the doctor.

A few days prior to the date that should be the first day mono-diet for 10 days, you must reduce the amount of food intake and do not overeat. We must try to gradually enter into the diet and not "arrange" stress to the body, because only in this case it is possible to achieve the desired results in the shortest possible time.

Ten-diet also divided into types:

1. Diet for cereals. According to the reviews of the mono-diet, this kind is the most acceptable to the majority of girls, as well allowed to cleanse the body and get rid of the hated few kilograms. A nice bonus is the choice of diet on porridges is that the kinds of cereals can be alternated, not all adhere to 10 days supply of buckwheat / rice / oatmeal / Pshenko. Furthermore, cereal can be eaten in any amount until saturation feel. But it is worth remembering that you need to prepare cereals with no added salt, spices and various sauces.

2. Cabbage mono-diet for 10 days.  Cabbage mono-diet for 10 days
 This diet is also very popular because cabbage is a wholesome and useful vegetable. Choosing a type of cabbage, it is better to stay at a simple cabbage. Eat it can be very raw. Drink green tea and non-carbonated water can be in unlimited quantities. Because this diet is unbalanced, while its application is required to use vitamins.

3. Carrot monodiet. Root crop, which is the basis of this diet has many useful trace elements that are extremely valuable to the human body. The most useful for losing weight are fiber and iodine - they provide all possible assistance in trying to lose weight. Menu carrot diet is surprisingly simple, since it includes any number of fresh carrots. Wash down the orange vegetable can be non-carbonated water or the green tea.

To the lost weight as fast as the left is not returned, it is necessary to pay attention to the correct way out of this diet.

It is necessary to remember that after monodiets relax is not necessary, that is, it is recommended to go out gradually and smoothly. Restricting food should last as long as the diet itself lasted. Prohibited during the diet products in the diet should be administered very carefully and in small quantities.