Bland diet

Light diet is designed for the category of losing weight, which is difficult to radically change dietary habits folding years. In the conventional sense, even bland diet is not a diet, because it does not provide any significant dietary restrictions, but a number of rules to follow that can effectively normalize your weight without harming their health.  The easiest diet - a diet for lazy

Effective and easy diet for weight loss

Even without changing eating habits, you can significantly reduce the daily amount of calories, simply reducing the size of portions. To the brain is not suspected of cheating, it is merely to replace the usual dishes finer. For the gradual normalization of metabolism should be to bring the volume of each portion of 200 grams. For comparison - it can be a normal or faceted glass that amount of food that was able to stay in your hands.

Another rule of the light diet - eat slowly, carefully chewing. It is proved that the signal generated by the brain is saturated not earlier than 15 minutes after the beginning of the meal. Thus, even a slide salad leaves in 15 minutes of chewing can create a feeling of satiety.

By the rules of light diet is a huge role in the diet given to drinking regime. The daily amount of water should be at least 2 liters. It should be understood that it is only clean water without gas. You must enter into the habit of drinking a glass of water for 3 minutes before each meal and one hour after.

Good to know that caffeinated beverages - tea, coffee, and others - have a diuretic effect, that is, when the number of drunk frequent use of water should be increased. You should also come in a hot summer, when some of the liquid goes in sweat.

In order that the body did not feel the stress and did not try to stock excess fat, light diet is regulated by the rules to eat at least once every 2, 5-3 hours. Thus, it should 4-5 day meals. Also, do not eat while watching television or a computer. It is proved that, apart from the process, we are able to consume more food than needed and wanted.

It is useful to put on the fridge table calorie foods the most frequently used, so as not to exceed the daily rate provided for easy weight loss diets: for women it is 1200 kcal for men and 1600-1700.

It is proved that some foods and spices can speed up your metabolism. Observing the light diet, try to include in your diet black and red hot pepper, cinnamon and cardamom, and ginger and cocoa.

The menus are easy weight loss diet should be plenty of vegetables - both fresh and stewed, baked or steamed vegetables (which should not be used after 18 hours due to the large amounts of sugar), animal and vegetable protein, carbohydrates slow ( cereals), a small amount of vegetable fats (olive oil), and dairy products. Fast carbohydrates and animal fats should be excluded for a period of weight loss, and after normalization of body weight consumed in miniscule amounts.

Especially for the lazy: the easiest diet

If at any point you feel that compliance with the above rules was difficult for you - do not despair: the easiest diet to lose weight, and provided such a scenario.

It is proved that the system compliance with any diet metabolism slows down somewhat. It is due to this plateau effect, characteristic of all low-calorie diets. Avoid "conservation" kind of weight will boot day.

In contrast to the discharge, the easiest diet can include in his diet favorite treats (just do not try to absorb them in large quantities). Conveniently this day assign the output. If we endure to the output unbearable, allow yourself a little extra, but only until 12 noon.

Observing the easiest diet to lose weight, try to replace certain products similar but less harmful. If you can not immediately abandon the mayonnaise - replace it with less fat. The same applies to the other products - pork to chicken breast, wheat bran bread on, vermicelli premium on pasta from durum wheat, cream for low-fat yogurt, etc .. Also, replace canned products fresh or frozen.  Features easy weight loss diet

The easiest diet for snacking provided try to be in possession of cereal bread, apple (preferably green), some nuts or a small piece of dark chocolate. It is possible for a snack, you can use low-fat yogurt or kefir. In addition, kefir and yogurt are the ideal second dinner, which can consume even one hour before bedtime.

For successful weight loss as part of the easiest diet should reconsider their salt intake and reduce it to a minimum. There should be no salting during cooking and add salt to cooked dishes when needed. Replace it can be other spices, and lemon juice.

For effective weight loss, you must also normalize sleep. To the endocrine system has helped reduce body weight in the so-called "golden hours" - with 23 pm until 1 o'clock in the morning - to be sleeping.

Of course, the need to increase the gap between the calories consumed and wasted. This will require 40 minutes of moderate kardionagruzok day. If desired, they can be replaced by walking in a moderately fast pace (preferably outdoors).

In accordance with WHO recommendations, considered physiological weight loss of 2 kg per month. Following the rules of a light diet, you can be confident in the result.