Using a diuretic for weight loss can lead to big health problems.  Diuretics to lose weight - reviews and action
 The benefits they bring to manufacturers only. To really lose weight, diuretics are not required.

Diuretics for weight loss

The use of diuretics for weight loss actually helps to reduce weight quickly. This effect is not real weight loss. Rich liquid (about 90%) of the fatty tissue is really dehydrated, but remains in place. The balance of fluids and salts in the body is broken, and as soon as normal drinking regime, gone kgs immediately returned. Diuretics to lose weight may be used only in special cases when there are medical indications (edema, for example) and under the supervision of a physician.

Diuretic pills excrete such a valuable item like potassium. In medicine during treatment with diuretics usually prescribers potassium to prevent malfunction of the heart and cardiac conduction of nerve impulses to muscle tissue. Due to its accessibility furosemide is often used as a diuretic for weight loss, and that he has a particular effect described.

According to reviews, diuretics for weight loss can even cause life-threatening condition. Often, due to their reception develop abnormalities in the kidneys and heart arrhythmia, muscle cramps as a result of calcium excretion, reduced blood pressure, and there are dizziness, impaired vision, appear nausea, vomiting, sweating, and impaired consciousness.

In addition, significantly deteriorating condition of skin, hair and mucous membranes. As a result of taking diuretics for weight loss are often quickly formed wrinkles around the eyes and the mouth, lips peel.

Safe herbal remedies that have a mild diuretic effect and is widely used in dietetics are green tea and watermelon. You can organize the whole fasting days on these products simultaneously remove excess fluid from the body and without fear for their own health. Also have mild diuretic parsley, artichoke, melon, celery, watercress salad and asparagus.

Diuretic herbs for weight loss

 Damage from diuretic slimming
   Popular diuretic herbs for weight loss have a mild effect on the body, yet are not the specific means to combat overweight. The most famous of them - horsetail, dandelion, bearberry. On the shelves of pharmacies exist as actual urological fitosbory and teas for weight loss, which is present in the composition of herbal diuretic component.

National herbal diuretics to lose weight have a complex action. They not only can get rid of excess fluid, but also reduce the feeling of hunger. It should be understood that only a sufficiently long reception (which, in turn, is extremely dangerous for the health) of these funds can help to say goodbye to the fat part of the expense of long-term appetite suppressant. Derived liquid immediately return a kg after admission.

Diuretics to lose weight, so do not affect weight loss, and fluid removed from the body, it is not always extra. Evidence-based medicine is on the contrary, recommended during slimming drink at least two liters of pure non-carbonated water per day. Due to this accelerated metabolism, endogenous biochemical reactions take place in a sufficient pace, the sensation of hunger, and the excretory system work harder. As a result, weight loss is more effective. It is clear - to lose weight, diuretics are not needed.