Losing weight is the goal of most women to reach that uses plastic surgery, drugs for weight loss, salon treatments, exhausting workout and diet, as well as methods of alternative medicine.  Effective popular recipes for weight loss
   That folk remedies for weight loss, among all the possible ways to lose weight, have more advantages than disadvantages. So, for example, plastic surgery is quite expensive, besides such an intervention is not always positive, diet pills are bad for the internal organs, especially the stomach, their use can lead to intestinal disorders and gastritis, and hard diets themselves detrimental to human health. Folk remedies for weight loss are made entirely from natural ingredients, so adverse effects on human health have not.

Many women who are interested in how to remove belly fat folk remedies for weight loss, it is helpful to know that help can be fulfilled this desire natural honey. It is this product can help in the struggle for a flat stomach, and it can be used both internally and externally, with a massage or body wraps. Honey is used in dissolved form inside (1 tablespoon in warm water) with lemon juice on an empty stomach, restores the functions of the body, detoxifies, adjusts the operation of all organs, strengthens the immune system and activates the release of bile. Losing belly fat can also help bath of a mixture of buckthorn bark, rhizomes of couch grass, licorice root, bearberry leaves and grass violet tricolor and smartweed. Such bath for weight loss speeds up metabolism.

Also, for those who want to know how to remove belly fat folk remedies may help to use a hula hoop that is in almost every home. It can strengthen your abdominal muscles and reduce body fat, as well as massage area sides, back and abdomen.

Traditional recipes for weight loss

Folk remedies for weight loss is widely used by those who want to lose weight. Positive aspects for choosing this method of weight loss is that used in the framework of folk remedies substances are not harmful to the body, but rather compensate for the deficiency of vitamins and minerals. Folk remedies for weight loss are the various teas, herbs, plants, vegetables, fruits and cereals.

For centuries, women have used herbal tinctures and teas to treat a number of diseases, including their use for weight loss. Traditional recipes for weight loss, the main components of which are grass and various plants are as follows:

  • Dandelion Tea - 2 tbsp dried or fresh dandelion leaves poured into an earthenware dish and pour 200 ml boiling water, then infused 7-8 hours in a warm place. Ready tea filter and used for a day every 1, 5 hours to 2 sips. This tea Dandelion reduces appetite, due to which weight loss occurs;
  • Tea seven herbs - 1 sheet of the Seine, 3 tsp buckthorn bark and coriander, 2 tsp trefoil violet leaf bearberry, and smartweed and 1 tsp dried chamomile in a thermos filled with 1, 5 liters of boiling water, leave for the night, and in the morning filtered. Ready infusion is drunk throughout the day, as soon as thirst. The result from such popular recipes for weight loss should be expected in a month of daily use of tea;
  • Tea of ​​the five herbs - 1 tbsp Forest mallow and lavender flowers, 3 tablespoons dried leaves of senna and nettle and 5 tbsp dymyanki thoroughly mixed and ground in a coffee grinder. On 1 tbsp the resulting mixture should fall to 200 ml of boiling water, therefore, if you want to make an infusion in an amount of 1 liter, use 5 tablespoons Herbs pour boiling water and infuse for 2-3 hours, preferably in a thermos. The finished liquid is filtered and is used 3 times a day for half a cup half an hour before meals. If one observes the 5 one-time diet, even herbal tea consumed 5 times a day. The course of treatment of folk remedies for weight loss is 2 weeks, after which, without exhausting diets and exercise can get rid of one, 5-2 kg;
  • Ginger tea - one tuber ginger rubbed on a coarse grater, then 3 tablespoons grated ginger filled with 1, 2 liters of boiling water and add 5-6 tablespoons honey. Infusion filtered, and the finished ginger tea add a pinch of black pepper, 4-5 tbsp orange or lemon juice and a pinch of chopped mint and used hot. Ginger tea is a folk remedy for weight loss, helps in the past month to lose 3 kg of excess weight, but also improves eyesight and memory, tones and strengthens digestion;
  • Hellebore Caucasian - a plant capable to cleanse the body of toxins, normalize the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and metabolism. To prepare the infusion of hellebore Caucasian at one time, you need a quarter of a tablespoon (not more) pour 200 ml of boiling water and infuse for 15-20 minutes, then strain and drink 2 hours before eating. People This method of losing weight should be used for 6 months on a daily basis, as the effect of its application is not manifest itself immediately, but the result will be persistent and do not come back the lost weight.

In addition to the plants and herbs as a national weight-loss method advocates welcome steamed buckwheat, with which you can thoroughly cleanse the body and lose weight significantly. However, buckwheat monodiets there are downsides - the weight lost quickly returns once the diet are beginning to enter the usual products.

Another effective means of traditional medicine for weight loss is a lemon, which in combination with apricot, melon and ginger help to get rid of excess weight.  The best traditional methods of losing weight
 To prepare the drink diet lemon with apricot, it is necessary to mix 1 cup of lemon and 1 cup apricot juice in a glass or ceramic dish. The finished fluid should take half an hour before a meal three times a day.

People diet for weight loss

In addition to the infusions, herbal teas, baths and massages, and there are people diets that are not developed by nutritionists, so causing a lot of debate in relation to their usefulness .  Basically, one of them belong to different mono-diet (buckwheat, rice, onion soup on), which are very strict, so for more than 5 days, they should not remain .  Some people's diets have become very popular - blood group diet, the Kremlin diet and Japanese diet, but their scientific validity is questionable, since they are not designed dietitians, and therefore, like any other diet, sooner or later bring harm to the body .  In lieu of the popular diets, better to be a follower of a healthy diet, following which, a person will never have to go hungry, or indulge in your favorite food, as in moderate amounts can be consumed all .  A healthy and balanced diet combined with exercise will help achieve much better results than traditional methods of losing weight .