Low-calorie diet

 Menu calorie diet
 Low-calorie diet is aimed at eliminating excess fat, improve metabolism.

The meaning of a diet to control their calorie intake, do not go beyond their individual rate. Calculate such a rule with the help of a nutritionist is desirable, but you can own with the help of special calorie calculators on the internet resources that can be trusted and which has reviews of low-calorie diet, successfully completed with the use of these computational tables.

The principles of a low calorie diet

Menu calorie diet must contain proteins - so you will not feel hungry, you can increase energy, avoid the loss of tissue protein. The diet includes a balanced diet, but some carbohydrate restriction should be. First of all, this applies to sweet drinks, sugar and confectionery.

Fat menu calorie diet should not exceed 80g. Eliminating fats are not desirable because they tend to linger in the stomach and blunt the feeling of hunger. It is believed that it is best to use vegetable fats, because they increase the activity stimulates the burning of fat enzymes.

Drink in a low calorie diet will not allow - it interferes with self-control and thus is a very nutritious product.

Judging by the reviews of the low-calorie diet, well, when the power fraction, and the portions should be such that there was a feeling of fullness.

Menu calorie diet

Meat. Allowed to use no more than 150g per day. This can be a rabbit, turkey, lean beef, chicken. Lamb and pork can be used, but in a pinch. Prohibited meat goose, duck, ham, sausages, canned meat. The meat can stew, bake, boil.

 Low-calorie diet
 Fish. Allowed to use no more than 200g per day. The fish can be baked, fried, cooking. Banned canned fish, fatty fish, fish, smoked and salted.

Milk and dairy products. You can eat dairy products and milk with low fat content. Cooking on a cream is not recommended, it can only add to the finished dish. Cheese may only 9%, not more than 200g per day. With cheese you can make a pudding, cheesecakes, but without sugar. Low-fat cheese varieties allowed, but in small quantities. Banned in the low-calorie diet fat cottage cheese, and cheese, salty cheese, sweet syrkovoy mass yogurt sweet, baked milk, fermented baked milk.

Bread. Permitted white bread or rye wholemeal - no more than 150 g per day. Baking, puff pastry, flour first or higher grades, including pasta prohibited.

Cereals. Buckwheat, barley and pearl barley are allowed only if the reduction in consumption of bread. The vegetable soups are allowed to add them, but a little. Other cereals are prohibited, especially semolina, rice, oats and beans.

Eggs. They can cook and prepare them to omelets, but the day you can eat no more than two pieces. You can not cook scrambled eggs.

Soups. They are made from a variety of vegetables, you can add potatoes or grits. Eat the day not more than 300g can of soup. You can cook beetroot soup, okroshka, soup, vegetable soup. Meat or fish broth with meatballs and vegetables are allowed to have only 2-3 times a week, while the broth should be lean and poached.

Vegetables. They may include a low-calorie diet menu in any form, but more raw. Especially recommended cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, zucchini, cabbage of all kinds, radishes, squash, turnips. Sauerkraut is possible, but only by rinsing it well in advance. Limit intake should beets, carrots, green peas, potatoes, marinated, pickled vegetables.

Fats. Culinary, animal fats prohibited. You can use vegetable oil and a little butter.

Spices and sauces. You can not eat mayonnaise, spicy, fatty sauces, banned and all kinds of spices. You can use as a condiment tomato, light mushroom sauce.

Sweets and fruits. Permission is granted to use sour-sweet berries, fruits, cooked or raw, as well as mousses, jellies, compotes from them, but without sugar. Do not eat raisins, dates, figs, bananas, grapes, pastries, honey, ice cream, jam, jelly.

Drinks. Allowed coffee with milk, tea, juices, unsweetened. Cocoa, grape juice and juice from the sweet fruit is prohibited.

A low-calorie diet for a month

Diet can be a week or month. Below is an example of a low-calorie diet for a month, where the menu is divided by week. Therefore, deciding to try and restrict the week, you can use one of the four options.

First week.

Breakfast: a cup of tea, black bread and greens.

Lunch: 250ml of yogurt, a slice of bread, 10 radishes.

Lunch: boiled fish, 2 boiled potatoes with herbs, vegetable salad.

Afternoon snack: fruit or two tomatoes and 250ml tomato juice with crackers.

Dinner: 250 ml nonfat yogurt, brown bread (2 slices), sprinkled with parsley.

The second week of a low calorie diet

Breakfast: 250ml juice of vegetables or fruit, 1 biscuit.

Second breakfast: black bread with butter and cheese or meat (two sandwiches), and tea. The meat can be added two tomatoes.

Lunch: vegetable soup, boiled eggs, boiled fish, vegetable salad.

Afternoon snack: yogurt and biscuits.

Dinner: 2 slices of low-fat cheese, yogurt or tea with black bread.

The third week of a low calorie diet for a month

Breakfast: coffee and black bread.

Lunch: yogurt with black bread, buttered, one boiled egg, radish one.

Lunch: grilled meat, spinach with sour cream, 250ml of juice.

Afternoon snack: fruit with crackers.

Dinner: tea and bread and cold boiled beef, one apple. Or 250ml of milk, cheese and bread.

The fourth week of the diet

Breakfast: tea with a biscuit or a glass of milk and black bread.

Lunch: 2 sandwiches with butter and low-fat cheese, 2 apples. Two boiled or soft-boiled eggs, an apple, a piece of bread and tea.

Lunch: chicken cooked with vegetables, salad. Or low-fat broth with potatoes and greens, 1 apple.

Afternoon coffee and biscuits.

Dinner: 250ml skim yogurt, bread.

Positive feedback on a low calorie diet indicates that with such a variety of diet is transferred easily, while there is a steady decrease in weight - to the level for which the originally calculated calorie menu.

A low-calorie diet for a week

For a low-calorie diet for a week, you can take for example this one-day menu:

Breakfast: cheese, stewed carrots, unsweetened coffee with milk.

Lunch: cabbage salad with sour cream, salt-free.

Dinner: lenten soup, boiled meat, fresh apples, green peas.

Afternoon snack: cheese and broth hips.

Dinner: boiled fish, vegetable stew.

At night you can drink kefir.

During the whole day you can eat 150g of bread.

Judging by the reviews of the low-calorie diet, for its compliance with the scale needed, a table showing the caloric content of authorized products. In addition, if you choose a low-calorie diet is not for a month, tune in and learn how to make a menu to help record of food eaten per day, its weight and caloric content.