My favorite diet

 Diet pet per week allows you to reset to 7 kilograms of excess weight
 What is your favorite diet

Diet is a favorite drinking alternation, vegetable, fruit and protein handling days.

Name diet justify some of its characteristics - simplicity, accessibility and efficiency. According to reviews, the favorite diet for a week allows you to lose up to 7 kg of excess weight. However, this weight loss system is absolutely contraindicated people suffering from gastritis, colitis, heart disease, liver and kidney.

Menu favorite diet

Calculated favorite diet for 7 days:

  • first day. Starts favorite diet drinking days during which encourage drinking any fluids in unlimited amounts - tea, yogurt, broth.
  • The second day is a vegetable, so the whole diet is limited to vegetables, thus it is necessary to note that the most fat burning properties has cabbage.
  • The third day is the same as the first - the drinking.
  • The fourth day is the fruit, so you can shamelessly in an unlimited number of eating apples, kiwi fruit, oranges. Most preferred in this day grapefruit, having useful properties which has long been appreciated by many nutritionists.
  • The fifth day of the favorite diet - protein. On this day, the diet should include foods rich in protein - eggs, boiled chicken, yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese, fish, beans.
  • The sixth day is drinking.
  • The seventh day is a way out of the favorite diet, so it is advisable to stick to the individual menus. Breakfast in the day should consist of two eggs and unsweetened tea. The second breakfast will suit any fruit. Lunch is represented by a light soup or broth. Dinner should be limited only vegetable salad with vegetable oil.

Within the favorite diet water and tea without sugar permitted in any amount, but the sugar, salt, alcohol should be avoided.

It is undesirable to use the days of drinking juice and sugar water. In the days to fill vegetable salad with sour cream or mayonnaise-smoking, but you can use a small amount of vegetable oil. Even if the result is a favorite diet to meet your expectations, hurry to repeat it sooner than three months, is not necessary.

Recommendations nutritionists

Firstly, some nutritionists are categorically to be included in the system power broth, advising remove this product from the diet of drinking days, explaining increased levels of salt and fat.

Secondly, nutritionists recommend to rearrange favorite diet 7 days fruit and vegetable a day, since, in their view, to enter into the diet on fruits somewhat easier.

Third, the traditional cabbage nutritionists advise to replace the broccoli has a maximum fat-burning effect.

Fourth, in order that the result was a maximum favorite diet should protein products (eggs, yogurt, chicken)  The first two days of hard variants favorite diet is drinking
 use in various meals, separately from each other.

The hard option favorite diet 7 days

This option is a favorite diet reviews describe as a more efficient, but at the same time more difficult to comply with.

The first two days are drinking, but the variety is limited to yogurt drinks and water. The third day is to be an apple, but if for some reason this fruit is not suitable, it can be replaced by orange or grapefruit. Over the next three days to eat only boiled chicken without skin. During the seventh, the last day of favorite diet should drink red wine with cheese.

For a week of such a diet reduced weight by 7-9 kg.