Meat Diet

 Menu meat diet
 Meat diet for weight loss is aimed at strengthening protein intake for 10 days. Especially effective this diet combined with physical activity - thanks to this diet can significantly strengthen the muscles. Weight loss, judging by the reviews of the meat-based diet is about 5-6 kilograms and carried out by reducing calorie daily diet and the amount of carbohydrates consumed.

Rules meat diet for weight loss

During the diet banned flour, bakery products, sugar substitutes, dairy products, cereals, carrots, potatoes, corn, any kind of fruit, drinks containing sugar, alcohol.

Allowed to eat meat, fish, fried and boiled eggs, all vegetables except those that are prohibited. It is best suited for this diet chicken without skin, rabbit, lean beef. Lamb and pork are not strictly prohibited, but not recommended.

The meat diet for weight loss is allowed and the use of ready-made meat products - frankfurters, sausages, ham, etc., but the benefits for the body of their questionable, so it is best to replace them with one piece of boiled meat. Moreover, in many sausages contained salt and water retention, it is undesirable during dieting.

Meat preferable to simply boil or bake in the heat, you can even fry, but olive oil, and as little as possible. Vegetables, if not eaten raw, it is best to cook only a couple.

Example daily menu meat diet: 400g of cooked meat without salt, divided by 5 servings, garnish of the permitted vegetables, unsweetened tea. For a variety of side dish of salad vegetables can be replaced without salt, seasoned with lemon juice and olive oil. You can also bake the fish in foil, it serves fresh vegetables.

Here's another version of the menu:

Breakfast: boiled egg - 2 pcs., Boiled beef, coffee.

Lunch: vegetable juice.

Lunch: boiled beef, salad of fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. Season to taste with lemon juice or olive oil.

Lunch: stew cassoulet. To cook fried onion minute, add three types of low-fat meat, cut into pieces, fry for another 4 minutes, add water and stew. Before use, you can sprinkle with assorted greenery.

Dinner: boiled fish, coleslaw.

Drink tea other than coffee may be, but without sugar, mineral water. Drink during meal and after 30 minutes is undesirable, but it is recommended to increase fluid intake - to reduce the load on the kidneys.

Eating should be a fraction, 5-6 times a day to not pester hunger. Supper after 20.00 impossible.

Meat diet can be called a low-salt - salt meat, fish and salads, not recommended. If necessary, replace the salt can be soy sauce.

The daily norm of proteins - no more than 450g, which should be considered when drawing up the diet for the day.

Contraindications and side effects of the meat diet

 Meat Diet
 Due to the fact that the meat diet is almost no carbohydrates, sugar can be felt fatigue can change the mood, a headache. In addition, the meat - coarse food for the stomach, and in people with gastrointestinal pathology may experience digestive problems and with a chair.

Diet for longer than the prescribed 10 days is not recommended. There are reviews of a meat diet, caused due to prolonged use of renal dysfunction, gastrointestinal tract, formation of stones in the bile ducts, increased cholesterol levels.

Contraindicated meat diet adolescents under 18 years of age, because a child at this age needs a more balanced diet contains all the vitamins, carbohydrates, more fat.

Consult with your doctor about the possibility of using this diet is necessary for older people, those that suffer from any chronic diseases.