Moon diet

 Moon diet in full moon
 It has long been observed that the moon rotates around the Earth, it affects the human daily biorhythms. For this reason, there are days that are ideal for certain types of exercise and meditation, for major operations and beauty treatments to cleanse the body. Diet is also in this list. Moon diet - feeding system tied to specific days of the moon: full moon, new moon, the growing and waning moon.

It is believed that the moon influences the ebb and flow of the oceans and seas in the same way and acts on the fluid in our tissues. In this and built the lunar diet.

Moon diet in full moon

Power in this period is intended to prevent the accumulation of fluid in the body.

You can use the daily diet, which begins on the eve of the full moon and lasts for 24 hours, you can apply a continuous six-day lunar diet allows you to lose up to 3 kilos.

The daily moon diet begins after dinner on the night of the full moon and ends in a day. During this period it is recommended to starve, drink only mineral, spring or boiled water, fresh juices. On this day, you can lose up to a kilogram of weight, in addition to go puffiness, detoxify the body.

Six-day lunar diet involves the use of a combination of vegetables, mushrooms, pineapple and starvation. It begins three days before the full moon. Exceptionally boiled or fresh vegetables are used in the first day, the next two days - cooked mushrooms and pineapple. The fourth day of the lunar diet, coinciding with the full moon - it is a day of complete fasting. The next two days should be after him again a pineapple with cooked mushrooms. This selection of products due to the fact that vegetables and pineapples have a positive effect on digestion and the production of gastric secretion, and mushrooms - a low-calorie source of protein, which helps cells (especially muscle) to recover.

Continue lunar diet for more than six days is not recommended - it is quite tough and can cause adverse changes in the internal organs.

Those who endure all the tough six days in this mode can use a three-day lunar diet: make a vegetable day, after fasting (full moon) and the next day, eat mushrooms and pineapple.

Moon in the new moon diet

Such a diet also has two versions, one intended for 36 hours and the second - for six days.

 Moon diet
 Starts 36-Hour diet on the eve of the new moon and ends at 18:00 the next day at 6.00-7.00 am. You can eat bouillons and soups in the vegetables. Those who will be hard to do only with liquid broth is better to eat soups. You need to eat often, small portions - 12 hours 4-5 times.

The result will be a lunar diet cleansing the body, the loss of up to a kilogram of weight.

It starts a six-day diet as at 18.00 on the eve of the new moon, but lasts longer. After vegetable broths or soups go to boiled and raw vegetables, and eat that before the end of the diet. With this diet you can lose up to 3 kilos.

Diet waning moon

Start losing weight is best for the waning moon, when actively excreted fluid and wastes. So you need to drink as much as possible, is not sweet, flour, follow the calorie intake.

Diet on the growing moon

Nutritionists warn that in this period there is a significant improvement in appetite, so we recommend not overeat, lean on fruit, vegetables, salt excluded.

The only general recommendation to comply with different types of lunar diet is a positive attitude. Losing weight should not be a painful wait the diet, in this case, according to nutritionists, is the cleansing will not benefit.