Fiber for weight loss is a combination of vegetable fiber, legumes, cabbage and other vegetables as well as fruits and seeds of plants.  Fiber diet - reviews and recommendations
 Fiber contains nutrients and is a dietary product.

Features of fiber for weight loss

A lot of positive feedback received fiber diet as an effective natural remedy that improves digestion, normalizes metabolism and strengthens the immune system.

There are several main types of fiber for weight loss:

  • cellulose type contained in the bran, cabbage, wheat, peas, broccoli, apples, peel cucumber and pepper;
  • hemicellulose, part of the cereals, mustard seeds, beets and Brussels sprouts;
  • lignin, which in large quantities part of the bran, radishes, strawberries, beans and peas;
  • gum contained in dried fruits and oats;
  • pectin in the composition of apples, citrus fruits, potatoes, strawberries, cranberries, green beans and carrots.

Cellulose and hemicellulose improves bowel and prevent constipation, colitis, hemorrhoids and diverticulosis.

Fiber for weight loss in the form of lignin has several useful features:

  • enhances the formation of bile acids;
  • It accelerates the process of digestion;
  •   normalizes blood cholesterol levels.

How to make fiber for weight loss and included in the diet

On how to make fiber for weight loss depends on its effectiveness for healing the body and eliminate excess lipid deposits. Nutritionists recommend taking fiber in an amount of 5-25 g per day (according to the age and weight).

Positive feedback fiber diet has as a natural source of beneficial dietary fiber needed for proper digestion and strengthen the protective functions of the body.

With intense stress, constant stress, lowered immunity and digestive disorders should increase the amount of fiber consumed. The most useful product that includes several types of fiber.

Fiber diet should begin to use a small amount and gradually increase the volume of the product. You also need to choose the right daily intake and increase the amount of fluid intake.

The diet should include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables that have not been heat-treated, and fruit can be eaten fresh juices.

From the menu should be completely excluded flour products, cream, chocolate, soft drinks, canned food and semi-finished products, sausage and hot dogs. These foods should be replaced with different types of cereals, dairy products and vegetables.

Siberian fiber diet

Siberian fiber diet is the most useful kind of natural fiber, soluble and enriched with micronutrients. The product includes a shell grains, fruits and berries, pine nuts.  Features Siberian fiber diet

Effective Siberian fiber diet is a completely natural product that does not contain additives and colorings.

This fiber has several beneficial properties for the human body:

  • normalizes metabolism;
  • promotes weight loss;
  • It cleanses the body of harmful substances;
  • normalizes blood pressure;
  • It prevents the development of a number of diseases (stones in the biliary tract, colitis, gastritis, arrhythmias, tachycardia, etc.);
  • It improves the cardiovascular system;
  • lowers blood glucose and cholesterol in the blood;
  • It improves the condition of hair, nails and skin;
  • restores micronutrient deficiencies;
  • It strengthens the immune system.