How to write a diet

 The success of a suitable diet - the right approach to it is made
 Probably there is no woman who would have been 100% happy with my figure. Most often, discontent arises from the extra kilos, even if the weight gain was minimal. The only way out of this situation (as many believe) - go on a diet. However, starting any diet, you need to remember is that it eventually must not harm the body. That is why, first of all, you should consult with a specialist who can help create a personalized diet. To properly make a diet, be aware that it must include the required amount of vitamins and minerals, without which people can not do.

Everyone - individual. Accordingly, each must have its own individual diet. For a complete man or woman can be completely healthy at the same time, while some people, having recovered slightly, thus provoking the emergence of diseases. In this situation the assistance of a qualified doctor is necessary, because only he would appoint a list of tests and examinations to help determine the overall health and make a diet, looking at the results. To make a diet, you should also take into account age, profession, lifestyle, location and climate. Considering all these factors, you can really get the right diet that will be developed for a particular person and will be able not only to maintain health, but also make the body more powerful and energetic.

How to write a diet: harm monodiets

The people that make up the diet, constantly trying to make them different from others. For example, some in the preparation of diets adhere stupid judgment that:

  • In general should give up meat;
  • It is possible during the day there is almost always a buckwheat or pineapple;
  • It is best to eat a maximum of twice a day;
  • It is necessary to drink vegetable oil - it's a sure way to lose weight.

Preferring these options in the preparation of a diet, few people think about the fact that every product should get us into the stomach in strictly limited quantities only in conjunction with others, such as useful products. Eating a long time the same food you are depriving yourself of other valuable vitamins.

The most dangerous are "recommendations", which suggests a sharp decline in its daily menu of protein foods (namely - products of animal origin). Animal proteins, in contrast to the plant, carry much more valuable and useful, because they - the main component of the hormones and enzymes. They are in any case can not be fully replaced soy or legumes. If a woman thinks that the right diet menu should be exclusively vegetable, it provokes the development of early problems with the reproductive function and the condition of the blood in which, first of all, there is a lack of iron.

Considering that the mono-diet - the most suitable diet for you, you are depriving yourself of calcium, the lack of which in the future will lead to serious diseases such as osteoporosis and hip fractures. The main source of calcium - dairy products. Without them, can not do the diet of women, because after fifty calcium intake will not be able to make up its losses and strengthen the already weak at the time the bones and teeth.

To make a diet, in any case, you can not do your diet completely monotonous. Food should be varied (meat, vegetables, fruits, fish and many other products). Main menu proper diet - is not to overeat, and follow a healthy measure.

How to write a diet: an integrated approach

In our country, as well as in most European countries and the United States, almost half of all residents is overweight, and more than 26% of ill obese .  If a person decides to lose weight, he thinks that eating less will be more healthy and slim .  Remember that a suitable diet and sport help to keep the new weight only if the originally radically change your lifestyle .  Every day, you need to pay attention to what we eat, how much physical activity, how long we sleep and how actively spend their free time .  To gain weight, does not necessarily have a lot of .  Small enough to move and eat smaller portions at the same time .  Therefore, an individual diet - is not a whim but a necessity .  If the amount of energy consumed will be equal to the amount consumed, you will forget about the problem of excess weight .  For example, if the daily gain 300 calories than Can spend 12 months can be seen on the scale plus 4-6 kg .  That is why it is important to create a personalized diet based on your lifestyle and health .

To make the individual diet should be followed only some rules and tips:

  • Eating should be frequently (every 3-4 hours), but in small portions;
  • Do not load up before going to bed;
  • Unsubscribe from the excessive consumption of pies and pastries, fried and very salty foods;
  • Try not to be nervous, because in stressful situations people often seize their problems and experiences.  Sample menu proper diet

How to write a diet: which products must be included

Malnutrition - a habit that is difficult to get rid of, but it is necessary if you really want to lose weight. If you have family or close relatives, full-bodied, but also obese, be especially attentive to what you eat and how much, because the problem of excess weight you have been laid at the genetic level. Our bad habits often have a negative impact on our health. In that case, if you suddenly began to drink too much water during the day, contact your doctor, who will prescribe the appropriate examination and based on the obtained analysis will explain how to make the right diet. Or contact the person who will make for you a suitable diet.

Individual diet is necessary in the event that your weight begins to grow rapidly. To avoid major problems, it is necessary to make diet and set some framework in the food, as well as to work out the menu and the right diet regime meal. In drawing up the diet does not eliminate, but reduce the consumption of fatty foods (fats affect the normal operation of our body, making the skin and the whole body more attractive). In drawing up the personalized diets lower the amount of starchy foods and sweets in your diet, but remember that you can not do without vegetables, fruit, bread, cereals.

Menu proper diet should include absolutely all the food, but in small quantities. So, knowing the incredible benefits of yogurt, do not consume more than 100 grams of it, or excess calcium deposit begins in cartilage. Personal diet should include 13% of the proteins (100 g), 57% (250 g) carbohydrate and 30% fat (90 g).

Proper nutrition - mainly in losing weight. Fasting is not necessary, but overeating is also undesirable. It is necessary to ensure that every suitable diet includes a full balance of beneficial vitamins and minerals. Remember - success will come only to those who with great force of will and a great desire to try to achieve the intended purpose.