Lemon Diet

 Lemon Diet
 Lemon was once selected the product for weight loss because of its calorie only 16 calories and addition of citric acid tend to remove toxins, such as uric acid (urate).

Lemon diet and fasting days with lemons and more effective because they contain vitamin C, which increases resistance to infection and smooth walls of blood vessels, as well as such essential substances such as vitamins B, E, PP, calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, potassium, phosphorous, fluorine, sulfur, boron, iron, chlorine, molybdenum, organic acids and dietary fiber.

Menu lemon diet

Based Diet on the use of lemon juice.

Lemon Diet №1

Strict limits on food, no, but it is advisable not to overeat sweet, fatty, starchy foods. Reviews of citric diet suggest that at this time, and the diet lasts two weeks, it is better to give up fried foods, replacing them boiled, steamed, baked.

Every day in the morning on an empty stomach at the time of lemon diet should drink lemon juice mixed with water.

In the first fourteen days of citric diet drink a glass of water with lemon juice 1st, in the 2nd - 2 cups of water with the juice of 2 lemons, in the third - 3 cups of water with 3 lemons. Gradually, to the 6th day is necessary to increase the number of lemons and water. Thus, on the 6th day to drink 6 glasses of water with the juice of lemons 6ti.

The seventh day of citric diet do unloading, this day is necessary to drink three liters of water to which is added the juice of 3 lemons and a tablespoon of honey. Nothing but this water that day or drink or eat can not.

Followed by reducing the number of lemons and water: on the eighth day diet again to drink 6 glasses of water mixed with the juice of lemons 6ti. On the 9th day - 5 cups of water and the juice of five lemons and so on. On the 13 day diet work, you need to drink a glass of water and lemon juice 1st and 14th day - the second day of discharge. Again according to the same recipe you need to prepare the lemon-honey water and drink it all day long.

Professional advice on the use of lemon diet: the water that you drink each day should be warm, and after you drink it, you need to rinse your mouth, because citric acid is bad for tooth enamel.

Judging by the reviews, lemon diet for such a scheme allows for two weeks to lose 4-5 kilograms.

Lemon Diet №2

This diet is more rigid than the first, and only lasts for three days.

On the first day of citric diet drink on an empty stomach as warm water with lemon juice during the day, you can eat fruit, exclude only bananas, persimmons and grapes, drink low-fat yogurt.

In the second day of the diet you can drink fresh lemon, nonfat yogurt, boiled water has steamed oatmeal with apples.

On the third day you can drink only non-carbonated pure water, have baked apples.

This lemon diet is based on a minimum fat content, the ability of lemon juice to start the metabolism. After a strict diet need to go carefully, gradually introduce the usual products in the early days to abstain from fat and sweet, starchy foods, start the morning with porridge, not to eat after 18.00.

Contraindications and side effects of citric diet

 Lemon juice diluted with water - a mandatory ingredient lemon diet
 Because citric acid citrus not take in a large amount at high acidity gastritis, inflammation of the gallbladder and ducts, liver, gastrointestinal ulcer, chronic, acute pancreatitis.

Lemon juice entering the stomach irritating the gastric mucosa, which in some cases causes vomiting and cramps. In addition, sick because of the use of lemons in the right upper quadrant can - so react the gallbladder and liver. In these cases, the lemon diet is necessary to stop and pass the examination may have hidden pathology of these organs.

The normal reaction to an overdose of vitamin C is diarrhea (lemon juice, you need to adjust the prescribed diet), may appear rash, vomiting, temperature may rise. All of these symptoms together indicate an abrupt onset cleansing of the body, which badly mismanaged the excretory system, so the dosage of citric acid should be reduced.

The lemon diet lemon juice consumed amount increases incrementally, and side effects are rare. If this happens, pause the diet do not increase for some time until the symptoms subside, the amount of juice.

In addition, there are reviews of citric diet that can hurt with nephrolithiasis. As already mentioned, lemon juice helps to remove urate, but if there are stones in the kidneys, they can get up and block the urinary tract. Therefore, the presence of kidney stones, gall bladder diet can not be used.