Which diet effective

To be beautiful and slender - the dream of every woman. In pursuit of this, most women choose one of the most effective ways to lose weight - diet. But today there is a huge variety of diets differing in species allowed to eat foods, calories, speed, weight loss, and many other diverse factors. Therefore, in the search for safe and effective natural diet of many women the question is: "Which diet effective? ".  Which diet is more effective? Each person is their own!

Choose a diet

When deciding which diet effective for you in the first place, it is desirable to consult a dietitian. Chatting with them will allow you to find out features of the organism, as each person it's different, and, accordingly, to determine what diet you are permissible and which are contraindicated, and what diet is most effective for you.

Furthermore, any diet must be safe for the health. Along with weight loss, effective and safe diet should cleanse the body, thereby improving your health and well-being.

Popular and effective diet

Below we have selected for you some of the popular and effective diet.

The Japanese diet for weight loss.

When scientists developed this diet, they tried as much as possible to accurately estimate the duration of the diet and consume calories to diet can achieve good results in a very short time. The Japanese diet lasts for thirteen days. Its aim is to change the metabolism, which will consolidate the achieved weight for the long term.

All authorized use products in the Japanese diet low calorie. They need to have a strictly specified amounts and can not be replaced by anything else. Basically allowed seafood, which can be eaten in unlimited quantities. It is strictly forbidden sugar, salt, alcohol and bread. During this period the Japanese diet allows you to lose six to eight kilograms.

The Kremlin diet for weight loss.

Suitable for all meat eaters. With this diet a month you can get rid of ten kilos overweight.

Its difference is the consumption of meat, which is generally prohibited in most diets. During the diet you can eat unlimited amounts of protein. Every product meets a certain number of points. It is necessary to calculate how many calories contain foods that you eat during the day. To get better, the day allowed to sixty points. If you want to lose weight, not allowed to have more than four points in the day. Most points are sweet and flour products, cereals, potatoes and vegetables, so, as a rule, their consumption should be significantly restricted.

When choosing which diet is effective for you, give preference to the one that will be easier to stick to.

The most popular and effective diet

The following are some of the most popular and effective diet.

Hollywood diet.

This diet is very popular among show-business stars. It is considered to be the most efficient in the world. The duration of this diet is eighteen days. During this period, adhering to the Hollywood diet, you can lose about seven kilograms. The main rule - a complete rejection of sugary, fatty and starchy foods. Breakfast all eighteen days the same - half a grapefruit and a cup of unsweetened tea.

Kefir diet.

We all know that yogurt improves digestion and metabolism, so kefir diet will only benefit the body. The duration of the diet is seven days, which can lose from four to six kilograms. At the beginning of the diet for one day should be four to six receptions to drink half a liter of yogurt. Besides kefir allowed to drink mineral water or unsweetened green tea. The following day, other than yogurt, boiled fish allowed, chicken and fresh vegetables. It is strictly forbidden sugar, salt and butter. On the day it is desirable to eat no more than 1200 calories.  Sports and proper diet - the most effective and safe diet

Effective weight loss diet stomach

To help you decide which diet is effective for weight loss belly can following principles:

• Any effective diet for stomach should exclude all harmful products: mayonnaise, chips, ketchup, fast food and other;

• It is necessary to significantly cut back on the use of bakery products: biscuits, cakes, chocolates and chocolate products;

• While dieting to lose weight stomach refuse alcohol, coffee and any carbonated sugary drinks.

Sample menu effective diet for weight loss belly:

Breakfast: diet yogurt (125 grams) and an orange-and-egg cooked boiled, two crispbread.

Lunch: fish or chicken without skin (250 grams), vegetable salad.

Dinner: one orange, beans, steamed (75 grams), a steak.

Snacks: a plate of vegetable soup without meat content.

To enhance the action of an effective diet for the stomach, it is necessary to supplement the exercise.

We hope that after reading this article you determine which diet is right for you.