Cabbage Soup Diet

 Cabbage Soup Diet
 What is the Cabbage Soup Diet

Hoping to reach the model parameters, or in an attempt to regain past form very often women, and sometimes men, are experimenting with different diets. As an effective and at the same time easily accessible way to lose weight has proved cabbage diet. As the name suggests, it is easy to guess that this diet is based on the use of cabbage dishes. No coincidence that this vegetable was chosen as the main weapon in the fight against obesity: firstly, cabbage is a low-calorie foods (25 kcal per 100 g), and secondly, it is rich in fiber, which stimulates the bowels, thereby purifying the body of toxins. In addition, the cabbage is rich in B vitamins that improve metabolism, vitamin K, responsible for blood clotting, and vitamin C.

As the reviews, the cabbage diet can lose in a week from 2-3 up to 10 kilograms of excess weight. And the same impressive results give practically all variations of the cabbage diet. However, despite the fact that some of the diet based on food cabbage designed for 7-14 days, doctors recommend not adhere to such a supply system 3-5 days longer because of muscle protein leaves, and this in turn leads to the loss of forces.

Classical cabbage diet

This cabbage diet for weight loss is designed for 10 days, during which you can lose about 7-10 extra kilos. This power system is quite complicated to comply with, but at the same time permission to use fresh cabbage for a day in unlimited quantities, makes you feel hunger is not so acute. Every day should eat in accordance with the following menu:

  • Breakfasts throughout the cabbage diet should be submitted only unsweetened coffee.
  • For lunch should eat cabbage cooked in a salad, which is permitted to add 1 tbsp. l. vegetable oil. In addition, a day can be added to a salad one boiled egg.
  • Dinner should be submitted to protein food: lean boiled meat or fish in the amount of 200 g, or a glass of low-fat yogurt.

An important point in the cabbage diet to lose weight is that all you need is without salt and sugar, as well as a day to drink about two liters of water.

Cabbage Soup Diet based on sauerkraut

Eating sauerkraut for 4 days will allow to lose about 3 kilos. Judging by the reviews, cabbage diet in this embodiment, a less restrictive and easier to perform. This weight loss system involves the following menu:

  • First day. At breakfast, you must eat a low-fat cottage cheese (150 g) of dietary bread slice, watercress. Lunch on this day must be presented dishes, which by quenching should be cooked ingredients such as sauerkraut (200 g) lean pork (100 g) and a pear (1 pc.). For dinner should eat a salad of pickled cabbage (150 g), radish (4 pcs.), White radish (1/2 pcs.) And cucumber (1/2 pcs.). Season this salad is permitted for 1 hour. L. chopped nuts and 75 g of natural yoghurt.
  • Second day. Morning meal should include banana (1 pc.), Low-fat yogurt (150 g) and oatmeal (1 tbsp. L.). Cabbage Soup Diet that day for lunch involves soup made from sauerkraut (200 g), broth (100 ml), sweet pepper (two pods) and apple juice (50 ml). Dinner should be limited sauerkraut (200 g) and fried salmon fillet (150 g), sprinkle with lemon juice.
  • The third day. Breakfast assumes cheese (150 g) and the medium orange (1 pc.). As the lunch provided sauerkraut (150 g) and fried pollack (150 g). For dinner, it is recommended to eat potato pancakes, grapes (4 pcs.), And sauerkraut (100 g).
  • Fourth day. Morning meal should include Gouda cheese (30 g), bun wholemeal, preferably bran and apple (a few cloves). Lunch dish should be prepared by fighting and include products such as pineapple, sauerkraut (150 g), and beef (20 g). For dinner should eat tomatoes (3 pcs.), Sauerkraut (100 g) and pork cuts (125 g).

Diet cabbage soup

 Diet cabbage soup
 From the name of the diet it is clear that it is based on the use of cabbage soup. To prepare this dish, as a rule, the following products: white cabbage (500 g), roots of carrot (5 pcs.), Onions (5 pcs.), Tomatoes (2 pcs.), Bell peppers (2 pcs.), Celery (4 stalks), brown rice (100 g), and the silent salt.

Diet cabbage soup involves daily use of a main dish, and in unlimited quantities. However, except for cabbage soup diet involves drinking and other products:

  • Monday - fruits (except bananas and grapes);
  • Tuesday - only cabbage soup;
  • Wednesday - vegetables (except potatoes);
  • Thursday - skimmed milk;
  • Friday - tomatoes, lean meat or fish (500 g);
  • Saturday - lean meat (200 g), and vegetables;
  • Sunday - vegetables and natural fruit juice.

Diet cabbage soup, like any other cabbage diet is contraindicated for people suffering from diseases of the digestive tract, renal failure or diabetes.