Lemon slimming

 Normalization of metabolism - the use of lemon for weight loss
 Lemon - a unique natural remedy. Most of us regularly drink tea with lemon or simply uses the lemons to enhance immunity. But this citrus has another amazing feature - it promotes weight loss. The lemon is useful for weight loss?

Use lemon for weight loss

Lemon participates in most of the digestive and cleansing processes of the body:

• contributes to the normalization of metabolism;

• establishes the assimilation of nutrients in the body;

• promotes a feeling of satiety;

• displays the body of toxic substances.

Citric acid is well stimulates digestion, enters into the enzymatic reaction and removes toxins from the body, including heavy metals, due to high content of pectin. Lemon striking property is that it simultaneously dissolves and removes toxins from the body and restores the desired balance.

Pectin, contained in lemon peel, capable of four hours to give a feeling of fullness, so you can control your own appetite and thus weight. In pectin fiber structure. When it enters the stomach, it becomes viscous gel structure which is able to envelop the intestinal wall. With this organism slowly absorbs sugar, which also prevents the development of diabetes.

Lemon is useful to use together with the zest, because it contains a lot of essential oils.

Also useful lemon juice diet. It stimulates digestion, thereby promoting weight loss. Due to increased acidity of lemon juice, which helps to absorb calcium well, which replaces the fat in the cells.

Ways to lose weight with a lot of lemon: lemon diet, water with lemon for weight loss, lemon juice and tea with lemon, ginger and honey.

Lemon Diet

This option is the use of lemon for weight loss for those who in addition to the excess weight also has:

• insomnia;

• heavy sweating at night;

• swelling;

• problems with digestion and bowel;

• unpleasant odor in the mouth;

• periodic headaches;

• mood swings.

 Breakfast citric diet - water with lemon for weight loss
 The most amazing thing in this diet that will not be necessary to give up favorite foods, only on the most harmful, because the main principle of this diet is not to limit food intake, and in the simple addition of lemon juice to the food.

Every day it will be necessary to add to your diet one glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Thus, the first day you drink a glass of lemon juice in the second - two glasses and so on. Water with lemon for weight loss, it is important to drink before a meal in the morning - the only way to be free from harmful substances. But, for example, on the fifth day should not be drinking all morning before breakfast, and better distribute throughout the day.

The juice should be warmed to room temperature, since cold water with lemon for weight loss may, on the contrary, to slow digestion.

So should continue for six days, the seventh day of fasting - used honey and lemon diet: should drink the juice of three lemons, diluted with three liters of water and mix with a spoon of honey. On the eighth day begins the reverse order: six cups in six days as a result we arrive at one.

Tea with lemon and ginger for weight loss

For weight loss is very effective tea with lemon and ginger. It is possible to prepare the following recipe: cut into thin strips peeled ginger root, fill it with water and bring to a boil, then reduce heat and cook for 15 minutes. When the tea has cooled to room temperature, squeeze the juice into a slice of lemon and add the honey. On request, tea with lemon and ginger for weight loss, you can add mint or lemon balm.