How to go on a diet

Many overweight people are interested in the question of how to diet. After all, as is known, the process is the most difficult undertakings. Which diet board - also an urgent problem for many dieters. Especially when you consider the enormous number of diets to date there. Important in the process of losing weight - do not take spontaneous decisions. It is important to all carefully consider and weigh.

How to go on a diet: ready mentally

 Before you go on a diet, start to prepare your body
 It is necessary to prepare for the process of losing weight thoroughly, and, first and foremost, is the moral of this tune. Here are the important points: how to sit on a diet, that is, during the diet, a set of physical exercises to perform, etc.

If you decide in the moment of anger and despair, it is possible that you will be broken, and all your work will go "down the drain". And you also do not want to, right?

How to go on a diet: preparing physically

It's no secret that any diet, and even a change of lifestyle is stressful for the body. Therefore, no harm will come to the diet, and leave it gradually. So, if you are obese, it is for you, of course, the best option would be to comply with the diet menu for obesity. However, for the unprepared organism it is not just difficult, almost impossible. Therefore, no harm will be in a couple of weeks before the diet gradually begin to limit the amount of calories, reducing them to the required number. It is also necessary to act with restraint harmful products - gradually.

Which diet board

This is a rather complicated question, because it all depends on what goal you are pursuing. For example, if you want to throw 2-5 kg, then you undoubtedly more suitable for some kind of brief light diet that is combined with active physical activities quickly produce the desired result.

If your goal - 20 kg or more, there should not decide the question, how to sit on a diet, and you should consider lifelong diet menu for obesity, that is - about proper nutrition.

Rules of power: that is, during the diet

So, let's define what is in the diet can and should be, and what products are best sidestep.

Separate food is welcome. Separate food involves separate use of carbohydrates and proteins, vegetables and fruits. For example, protein foods (poultry, meat, fish, cottage cheese, cheese) should be combined only with the vegetable dishes. Starchy foods (bread, cereal, pasta, potatoes) can also be combined only with vegetables. But the fruit is recommended to eat on an empty stomach or after a couple of hours after the last meal.

Thus, Sample menu diet for obesity will look like this:

  • Breakfast: cereal and vegetable stew (or vegetable salad);
  • Lunch: vegetable soup (only vegetables, no potatoes and pasta) and a small piece of rye bread;
  • Dinner: vegetables and some meat dish or salad and cheese;
  • In between, you can use herbal teas with honey, water, fruit.

Before you go on a diet, start to prepare your body. To do this, eat salads. So you not only activate the process of losing weight, but also improve the body. Welcome addition to salads as many greens: dill, onion, parsley, celery, basil, lettuce. Fill vegetables with vegetable oil (preferably unrefined).

If you decide to cook a vegetable dish, do not fry, prefer vegetables, steamed or in the microwave. Before each main meal, eat a portion of vegetable salad. This will fill your stomach and allow you to not overeat.

How to go on a diet: What foods should be avoided

 Menu diet for obesity necessarily involves vegetable dishes
 What is in the diet, we are undecided. Now let's talk about what foods should be eliminated from your diet.

Forever forget about the various semi-finished products, sausage, sweet, smoked and fried. All of these products are the worst enemies not only beautiful shape, but also the general state of health. Sausage - is not the meat, fats, flavors, spices and soy. It can not be anything useful. And did you know that one glass of Coca-Cola contains 8 teaspoons sugar, and is incredibly fast-food calories. In addition, when the joint use of these products may cause a new wave of hunger.

Salty foods say "no." It is difficult for the kidneys and inhibits the excretion of fluids from the body. Yes, the first salted dishes will seem tasteless to you, but eventually you get used to. After all, taste - a matter of habit.

Caffeine in the diet menu for obesity should be kept to a minimum. The caffeine in the green, black teas and coffee, promotes the release of insulin, which significantly affects the uptake of glucose. All of this leads to an increase in blood sugar levels (which subsequently causes diabetes) and the constant feeling of hunger, which leads to overeating. Thus, preference is given to herbal teas, yerba mate, chicory. Coffee is possible, but only on holidays.

Alcoholic beverages are also not necessary to get involved. They not only cause appetite, but also strain the liver and pancreas.

So, how to go on a diet? easy! Replace the sausage meat (just remember that you need to have it separately from the pasta, bread and potatoes, but only with vegetables), sweets and sugar substitute honey, nuts, dried fruits and vegetables, children's fruit purees. Fasting in any case not worth it. Eat small meals often. And most importantly, remember your goal - to not only lose weight and acquire a beautiful figure, but to live for many years with excellent health!