How to lose weight in the face

Lose weight in the face of the dream of many, regardless of gender, age and the presence of excess weight.  Salt-free diet - a method to lose weight in the face
 Chin or flabby cheeks may be people with normal physique. A person is always open, its shortcomings are not drape clothes or hidden from view. Every morning, washing up, we see reflected in the mirror, and if the basic idea of ​​"what to do to face thinner," it means that the problem should be taken seriously. Quickly lose weight in the face does not work, but a complex of proper nutrition, exercise special facial and beauty treatments, if all the recommendations for at least a month, will allow to achieve the desired results.

The main reasons for the need to lose weight in the face can be:

  • Weakened facial muscles;
  • The presence of excess weight;
  • Walking with his head down, stoop congenital or acquired;
  • The habit of reading while lying on his back;
  • Sharp set or reset weight, especially after 40 years.

If the chin is formed without explicit assumptions, contact your endocrinologist, as it may indicate problems with the thyroid gland. Swelling of the face can cause kidney damage, in this case, need to consult a nephrologist.

How to lose weight in the face of the basic methods of correction:

  • Special salt-free diet;
  • The exercises for the muscles of the face and neck;
  • Sleeping on a small pillow or without;
  • Special massage and mask-lift;
  • Correct posture: shoulders straightened, her chin raised, his head straight.

Lose weight in the face: the diet

The specific diet to lose weight in the face does not exist, it is possible to select or create your own, but be sure to observe the following rules of supply:

  • Exclude from the diet of foods containing fast carbohydrates with a high glycemic index - sugar, pastries, jams, preserves, chocolate, sweet fruit and drinks;
  • Abandon salt and salty foods - herring, sausages, canned food. Salt retains water in the cells, contributing to tissue swelling, and stimulates the appetite;
  • Sticking fractional power eat at least five times a day, in small portions, one every three hours is not more than 200 grams at a time. Dinner no later than seven o'clock or four hours before bedtime;
  • Include in the diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, except potatoes, bananas, grapes and figs;
  • Eat a low-fat varieties of meat (veal, beef, lamb, rabbit), poultry and fish;
  • All dishes are steamed, baked or boiled, fried foods to give up;
  • To refuse spirits of any strength and drinks with gas;
  • Drink at least 2 liters of pure water a day, drinking a glass of water for 15 minutes. before each meal.

Diet, made in view of these recommendations, normalizes metabolism, enhance blood circulation. Improved nutrition skin to reduce puffiness, facial contours will catch up, making it visually slimmer.

Attention is drawn to sleep. Bloated face may be caused by prolonged sleep and lack of sleep. Individual rate sleep a day between 8 and 10 hours, can decrease with age.

What to do to face thinner: exercise

To lose weight in the face of recommended short and long (time) a set of exercises that should be done before the mirror, wiping the face with a nourishing cream or lotion. Regular performance of complex tighten and strengthen the muscles of the face and neck, improve skin tone and reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles and age.

How to lose weight in the face, special exercises for the muscles of the face and neck, a short set of "five-minute":  A set of exercises to lose weight in the face

  • Jaw movements. Head thrown back as much as possible, the chin pushed forward. To advance the jaw, trying to grab the upper lip of the lower lip;
  • Closed their teeth and pull the lower lip down as much as possible;
  • Fold down the corners of his mouth, stretch and relax the muscles of the neck;
  • His chin with his fist, and turning his head lowered against the resistance;
  • Slopes chin to his chest, to close his hands on his head, raising his head, overcoming resistance;
  • Touch your ear left shoulder with his right hand to put pressure on his right temple, align the head, overcoming the pressure. Do this same exercise in the opposite direction;
  • Tilting your head forward, chin to reach the right and left shoulder;
  • Turning his head to the right, his left hand to press on the left cheek, turn your head to the left, against the resistance. Done in the opposite direction.

Perform each exercise for 5-10 times per set, several times a day. Ease complex in that it can be performed even in the workplace. Exercising will increase the flow of blood to the head, improves blood flow to the brain, which would be beneficial for the working process.

How to lose weight in the face, a long set of exercises:

  • The teeth hold a pencil, straw or thin twig and try to write any word in the air, careful prescribing every letter (especially helpful to write "m" and "w");
  • Stand up straight, arms crossed embrace straightened his shoulders. Click on the shoulders, neck, pulling strongly upwards, stretched his neck as much as possible to take a deep breath, hold your breath, exhale at the expense of 10;
  • Standing straight, shoulders are straight, hands at his sides, straight back, chin touching the breast. The slow pace of the right shoulder to touch your chin, followed by neck - the spine, chin - left shoulder, lowered his head. If you feel dizzy, you should close your eyes;
  • Pull his lips and try to sing out loud clearly all vowels in random order.

To lose weight in the face, you need to perform the exercises every day, from 5 to 10 times. The number of exercises in the development is less, but they are more time-consuming, in addition to the impact of the face and neck on the spine, correcting posture and gait.

Tangible effect of the implementation of these systems will be noticeable after a month from the start of the regular execution. Combining them with the systems of power should be calculated for a long time.

Lose weight in the face: a morning massage and mask lift

Every day in the morning to do a massage cheeks, chin and neck with a towel. Wet towel need alternating herbal infusion with saline. For infusion used sage, linden blossom, chamomile, calendula, yarrow. Spoon collection is filled with 1, 5 cups of boiling water and infuse for 20-30 minutes. The saline solution is made from the calculation: 1 liter of water 1 tablespoon of sea or iodized salt. Dampened towel, folded several times, under the chin to keep the ends, reducing and spreading them apart to pat the fabric on the chin. For dry skin type and vasodilatation should use a weak solution of sparing room temperature and with normal to oily skin - a more concentrated and hot.

Once a week to do the mask-lift. The mask body - yeast, oily skin add lemon juice or egg white, dry oatmeal and vitamin A. Apply the mask on the face neck and neck, hold for 15 minutes.

Constant light slap on the cheeks and chin, improve blood circulation, and also helps to lose weight in the face.