Enema slimming

Any woman is confident that there is no limit to perfection. In pursuit of the beautiful forms of women use a variety of methods for weight loss, including even the most healthy (diuretics and laxatives, starvation, and even the use of tablets with the addition of questionable manufacturing psychotropic substances). This is not being one hundred percent confidence in the result. And along with this, it is no secret that the process of weight loss depends entirely on the strength of our will and desire, sports and observance of the rules of healthy eating.  Enemas for weight loss - a way to fight obesity

Enema weight loss as an effective way to combat obesity

As of today, are becoming increasingly popular for weight loss cleansing enemas. In the opinion of the enema slimming easily can get rid of two kilograms of excess weight in a single procedure. Therefore, it is safe to say that this weight loss method is quite effective.

Enema slimming rids the body of feces, toxins, gases and toxic substances that accumulate in the colon for years and prevented a full-fledged work of the intestine. Harmful substances accumulate in the body, not only hamper the digestibility of essential vitamins and minerals, but also a full-fledged work of many organs, which eventually leads to the development of various diseases. In this situation, cleansing enemas for weight loss play a role of catalyst. They eliminate toxins and wastes, cleanse the body of impurities, resulting in accelerated cell work, and the body begins to better absorb essential trace elements. In addition, work is improved and accelerated intestinal metabolism that contributes to the gradual removal of fat deposits, and hence the weight loss.

Enema weight loss - the flip side

In pursuit of the ideal figure most women do not pay attention to the fact that the enema for weight loss - it's only medical procedure that should be performed by a physician and under his strict control. Often, women do not particularly delving into the essence of the procedure, use it to get rid of excess absorption of excess calories. However, it is quite useless, since after meals and before forming stool passes at least two hours. Naturally, all the calories absorbed by the body.

It should also be aware that if excess fat is not in the intestine, and in the cells, the cleansing enemas slimming not yield a positive result.

Do not abuse this procedure, since it may lead to metabolic disorders that not only will not help get rid of excess weight, but, on the contrary, lead to the opposite result - obesity .  Enema with all the harmful substances from the gut washes also useful microflora, which is fraught with the development of dysbiosis .  A complete digestion and production of vitamins necessary for the body (vitamins B, D, K) are impossible without bacteria in the gut .  If the process breaks down, stops carried out proper metabolism .  Moreover, with the liquid derived from the intestine so useful salts of magnesium and potassium, that reduce the cardiac muscle .  Thus, frequent cleansing enemas for weight loss cause a persistent habit of the body and the failure of the digestive system .  Simply put, the intestine begins to lazy to work independently .  Disturbed peristalsis, which eventually leads to the fact that a person can not independently carry out the process of defecation .

How to do an enema for weight loss?

During the enema it is recommended to stick to a low calorie diet. The diet should contain only meatless foods - fruits and vegetables, fish, cereals.

How to do an enema for weight loss? To do this, use a mug Esmarch and boiled water at room temperature (20-23 degrees). The amount of water is poured into a mug Esmarch, it depends on the growth of man. On average, one enema requires a half to two liters of water.

If you suffer from gastritis with high acidity, it is best to use a warm water - 35-45 degrees. The solution enema is prepared as follows: 1 tablespoon of salt dissolved in 2 liters of boiling water and add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. Gastritis lemon juice and apple cider vinegar is replaced by baking soda.  Recipes for weight loss cleansing enemas

The most suitable premises for the procedure - a bathroom. You must lie on your left side and pull your knees to your stomach. You can also stand in knee-elbow position. These provisions facilitate better penetration of the fluid into the intestine.

Enema slimming put twice a day for two weeks. One - in the morning on an empty stomach, the second - just before bedtime. After the end of the cleansing enemas need to some more time to adhere to a low-calorie diet and drink drugs that restore the intestinal microflora.

Contraindications for the procedure

In the opinion of an enema for weight loss is not recommended for women during menstruation. Before the procedure, it is best to conduct a full examination of the intestine in the presence of ulcers, tumors and other contraindications.

Absolute contraindications to enemas are:

  • hemorrhoids and fissures of the rectum, as it may start bleeding;
  • during pregnancy, as holding enema diet increases the tone of the uterus, which could trigger a miscarriage;
  • chronic heart disease and hypertension, as it may increase the pressure;
  • gastric and intestinal diseases, inflammatory bowel disease - as it may happen exacerbation.

Recipes for weight loss cleansing enemas

In the opinion of the enema are most effective for weight loss because of these recipes:

  • Enemas for broth chamomile (2 tablespoons per 200 ml of water). Instead of daisies suitable as calendula, fennel, sage.
  • Honey Enema - 1 tablespoon of honey diluted in 1 cup of boiled water at room temperature and 1 tablespoon lemon juice.

Now you know more about how to make an enema for weight loss, as well as its positive and negative sides. However, remember that the most important thing in an effort to lose weight - it's an active lifestyle and proper nutrition. All other methods should only be temporary, and not be perceived as a panacea.