How to lose weight in the legs

The question "how to lose weight in the legs" is usually asked by people who want to lose weight. It often happens  Lose weight in the legs can be in the home
 so that people following a diet resets significant amount of kilograms. Thinner waist, his face, but his legs at the same time remain unchanged. In this case, the question arises of what to do to thinner legs and whether it is possible to lose weight in the legs without the help of surgeons at home. There are several effective ways to help you become leaner legs. This is a special diet for weight loss legs combined with exercises for the legs.

How to lose weight in the legs and thighs with the help of special exercises

Special exercises for weight loss will help pump up your leg muscles, improve their tone. Before doing the exercises you need to do exercises to warm up. For this perfect jogging in place, lifting knees, squat. And only after warming up, you can start doing the exercises. In order to lose weight in the legs and thighs, all the exercises can be performed on the first 10-30 times, gradually increasing the load.

  • Wag feet. To perform the exercise you need to get down on his knees, his hands in front of you to rest on the floor. Back when it is necessary to keep straight and parallel to the floor. Next should be made available mahi one or the other leg. When it is necessary to take Mahe leg as far back. After the exercise it is best to get up and look a bit like. Walking to relax the muscles and improve blood circulation.
  • Feet shoulder width apart to put on, hands down at his sides. On the need to breathe slowly rise up on your toes, be fixed at the top for a few seconds, then inhale and slowly sank to the floor, dropping his hands.
  • Squats. Feet shoulder-width apart to put hands to keep the belt. On the exhale, sit down, stretch your arms forward, and inhale up to the starting position. Exercise should be carried out very smoothly, heels on the floor not to tear.
  • A Bike. Lie on your back, and imagine if the legs pedaling a bicycle.
  • Scissors. Lie on your back, keep your legs at an angle of 45 degrees, pull socks. This is followed by intense cross legs in the knee area (first right leg above the left, then vice versa), and the hands at the same time it is best to pull along the torso. When the exercise is very important that the feet do not touch each other.
  • Lifting legs lying on his back. Lying on your back alternately lift your feet up to the level of 45 degrees, without touching the floor with his heels.
  • Raising the legs on one side. Bend your elbow and lean on it, lying on his right side. Raise your left leg up 10-20 times, and then lie down on your left side and start the exercise with your right foot.
  • Lifting legs standing. Put your feet shoulder-width apart, hands at his sides. Raise your right leg up and move left and keep to themselves. Raise your leg to its maximum height and touch fingers. To complicate the exercise should try to raise the leg as high as possible.

Between exercises should definitely make small breaks. Lessons should last 40-45 minutes. Some experts advise to combine weight loss fitness mix of strength training with cardio (treadmill, bike, stepper). Many people wonder what to do to have grown thin legs with the help of special exercises. The most effective sports activities connected to a special diet for weight loss. And for those who think about how to lose weight in the legs and thighs without exercise, you must try once a week skating, rollerblading or walking in a pool.

How to lose weight in the legs and hips by diet

during  A set of exercises to help lose weight in the legs and thighs
 training it is necessary to drink water .  Receiving water is best done after every ten to fifteen minutes, making a few sips .  You can not drink soda or sugary drinks, but only the cool, non-carbonated mineral water .  It is advisable to eat as much fruit and vegetables .  It is necessary to limit consumption of fried and fatty foods, confectionery .  The diet should be present vitamins C and A, as well as foods rich in potassium .  It may be the kiwi, red peppers, lettuce, beef liver, potatoes, bananas, dried apricots .  During acute slimming allowed to use the products as they stimulate blood circulation, and thus prevent fluid retention .  It is also very useful to add to the menu-fat yogurt, wheat germ and soy .  As part of these products are high in calcium and magnesium, so they have a beneficial effect on the muscles and help them to build up .

After training for two hours, it is desirable not to eat and not to drink no coffee, no tea, and then there are four to five times a day, giving preference to protein foods.

Running helps to lose weight in the legs

How to lose weight in the legs, without performing monotonous Exercise? Is it possible to lose weight in the legs by a run? Running helps to lose weight in the legs. Running useful for figure and health in general. Many people prefer jogging. To run you must select an easy and comfortable shoes and pick up the clothes, does not restrict movement. Before jogging is better to spend a little workout. Run must be at least three to four times a week. The duration of runs should be gradually increased, starting with ten minutes a day. Jogging is better to start with Nordic walking, and then switch to an intense and fast running. Completing the run should be moderate jogging.