Squash Diet

Squash diet - a special diet, promotes the normalization of the digestive function, cleanse the body and reduce the weight of a person based on the use of squash. Squash diet is not a kind of mono-diet. During the observance of this diet allowed the consumption of meat, fruit, vegetables, eggs and dairy products.  The basic principles of the diet of squash

Pumpkin diet for weight loss: the basic principles of nutrition

The basis of the diet menu squash is a tasty and healthy vegetable - zucchini. This low-calorie, vitamin-rich vegetable is widely used in various cuisines of the world with a host of ways to prepare: zucchini can be cooked, stew, fry, bake, simmer, canning, pickling, consumed raw. Caloric content of vegetables is 23 kcal per 100g.

Courgettes in its nutritional value close to a green salad, cucumbers, lettuce. They contain mineral salts (potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and fewer sulfur salts, sodium, iron), vitamins (provitamin A, vitamin C, B1, B2, nicotinic acid), as well as micro- and macronutrients (zinc, lithium molybdenum, aluminum, titanium, etc.). Courgettes contain effective elements normalize digestive function of the body. Dietary fiber improves intestinal peristalsis, have a sorption effect. Fiber, contained in pubs, promotes the binding and excretion of certain substances (toxins) cholesterol from the intestine, making zucchini useful product for people suffering from atherosclerosis and other diseases caused by high cholesterol levels.

Zucchini is a hypoallergenic product. So, squash diet can be displayed even for people suffering from food allergies, gastrointestinal diseases, diabetes.

Squash diet is useful for people suffering from edema, as the main component of the diet is rich in potassium, essential for maintaining water and salt balance in the body, blood, normal heart function.

Efficiency squash diet - up to 5kg. Squash diet is not a strict diet. It can observe a sufficiently long period.

The basic principles of weight loss diets are squash decrease caloric intake, the normalization process of digestion, cleansing the body. There are certain rules compliance squash diet:

  • Squash should be used untreated;
  • Minimum heat treatment of the products;
  • Do not resort to other methods of frying or cooking with zucchini cooking fats, oils;
  • When squash diet should be excluded from the diet pastry, cooking fats, meats, salty, fatty meats, coffee, alcohol, carbonated drinks.

The main contraindications to comply squash diet are pregnancy and lactation, childhood and adolescence, a weakened immune system after an illness, surgery.

Pumpkin diet for weight loss: the menu, recipes

The optimal time for dieting taverns is 7 to 10 days. Pumpkin diet for weight loss is the alternation of two types of menus. In addition, should follow the general rules of weight loss:

  • A significant limitation of the number of food intake;
  • Reduction of fat, salt, spices in the diet;
  • Use of a sufficient amount of water to avoid dehydration.

The first type of menu Pumpkin diet for weight loss is as follows:

  • Breakfast - fried zucchini (up to 200g), 1 boiled egg, green tea;
  • Lunch - a glass of purified water, carbonated, vegetable salad (up to 250g) of raw zucchini, cucumbers and carrots (for salads you can use low-fat yogurt or olive oil);
  • Lunch - soup of courgettes (up to 300ml), vegetable salad;
  • Snack - black tea (1 cup) salad of zucchini and cheese (zucchini, bell peppers, ginger root, finely shred the green, then added a low-fat cottage cheese, a salad dressed with nonfat yogurt);
  • Dinner - a glass of mineral water, stewed with vegetables zucchini, 1 boiled egg.

The second type of menu Pumpkin diet for weight loss is as follows:

  • Breakfast - squash fritters, 100g of boiled chicken, green tea;
  • Lunch - vegetable salad with zucchini, green tea;
  • Lunch - zucchini, baked in the oven with the fish, vegetable salad, 1 cup of purified water, carbonated;
  • Snack - squash caviar (up to 200g), cottage cheese (up to 100g), green tea;
  • Dinner - mineral water, zucchini, baked with mushrooms and carrots.

These menus must be alternated. Caloric content of each proposed ration less than 1500 calories. Dishes of zucchini can be varied in its sole discretion, taking into account the calorie ingredients.

Zucchini recipes are simple enough. Courgettes cleaned, not peeled, cut into small cubes. To extinguish use olive oil. To prepare the squash in the oven is better to use low-fat sour cream. During cooking, courgettes not used spices and salt.

Pumpkin diet for weight loss is not a strict diet, a diet menu is very diverse because of the wide selection of dishes that can be prepared from zucchini. Subject squash diet is necessary to monitor the body's reaction to the new diet. Menu Zucchini can significantly reduce caloric intake. To achieve a greater effect in the squash diet is recommended to use a glass of low-fat yogurt for the night.

Squash Diet: reviews the advantages and disadvantages of the diet

 Pumpkin Recipes weight loss diet
 Choosing Pumpkin diet responses of people who have experienced this diet for yourself, will evaluate its effectiveness. Observe Pumpkin diet very easily. Its varied menu allows you to eat tasty and useful to the body. Despite the usefulness of the proposed diet, nutritionists do not recommend to comply with this diet for more than 10 days. Particular attention should be paid out of the diet for fixing the results. Doctors recommend increased caloric intake gradually. Optimal calorie daily diet for different ways of life varies from 1700 to 2200 calories.

The main advantages of squash diet reviews that can be found on the Internet, are:

  • Useful properties of zucchini;
  • Ease compliance;
  • The cheapness of the main product and the proposed diet as a whole;
  • Dietary diversity.

The main disadvantages of squash diet are:

  • Seasonality - the main product is available from late spring to late autumn. Nutritionists do not recommend highly to comply Pumpkin diet in the autumn-winter period. During this period, the probability of a high concentration of pesticides in vegetables;
  • Cooking - despite the fact that all the dishes are easy to prepare, but they are recommended to use only fresh, that excludes cooking "for the future."

Squash diet - an easy way to significantly reduce weight without hunger, without the psychological and biological stress due to the variety of possible specialties.