Keto diet

 Keto diet - a diet that eliminates carbohydrates
 Get rid of the excess weight can be a variety of ways, but in most cases without compensation power is necessary. One possible keto diet is a diet.

Its essence boils down to that of the daily menu is almost completely removed carbohydrates. The maximum allowable number of about 20-30 grams per day. Diet food not allow a pure carbohydrate, and a complex comprising the products such as vegetables and fruits. When the body can not enter carbohydrates (particularly simple: glucose, fructose), the body begins to receive the necessary substances of fat and proteins as well as protein structures in the body will break down in the last turn, then basically we are talking about fats. The name of this diet is based on the fact that when the body of carbohydrates in an amount of less than 100 grams per day in the liver during metabolism begin to form ketones. So she called the ketogenic diet, or in abbreviated form keto diet.

According to the recommendations of nutritionists, you can observe the ketogenic diet for 1 week. Comes out of it should be gradually increasing the amount of carbohydrates consumed 30 grams per day.

Advantages of the keto diet

The main advantage is its high efficiency and fast performance. The body begins to break down the internal hard fats, as energetically valuable carbohydrates in the body just does not come. Diet has been working since the first day! After 8 hours after the last intake of carbohydrates the body converts carbohydrate last, to do with food, and 10 hours later half of the energy is derived from fat.

After the end of the keto diet fat back very slowly. And, subject to adequate food and the composition of the regime do not come back at all.

Drinking enough protein to maintain muscle mass allows, which is important to many people involved in sports. Burns primarily fat. At 5-6 days the body enters ketosis and protein degradation is slowing.

Disadvantages keto diet

To inadequate consumption of carbohydrates from food it is very difficult to adapt. Quickly drop operation, including the possibility of intensive mental work. Most people no longer have to stick to the diet for 2-3 days because of weakness, dizziness, extreme expression of fatigue.

Approximately 5-7 days after the start of the diet is reduced performance. This is due to the adaptation of the body to diet. Almost 75% of the energy needed for normal functioning of the brain begins to be released from ketones, which gave the name of the diet.

Also, a significant drawback ketogenic diet is inadequate dietary intake of trace elements, as of their principal amount found in carbohydrate foods. Correcting this deficiency reduces to receive vitamin and mineral complexes. If you do not, then the supply of certain trace elements depleted very quickly.

Another danger keto diet is that when it is subject to the level of acidity decreases due to increase blood ketones. In an extreme case it is developing "ketoacidosis", which can be fatal, but apparently healthy individuals is not threatened by the state. The real threat to the health of the keto diet is for people with diabetes.  High efficiency - an advantage ketogenic diet

How to create a menu keto diet for a week

On the advice of nutritionists, it is desirable to start the keto diet with complete starvation. Physical activity should be kept to a minimum.

On Day 3 should start to expand the diet, adding carbohydrate-free products. It is to eat 1/3 of the normal portions. On the sixth day of the number of products it is becoming common.

In order to make the menu keto diet, you need to know the products, exceptions:

  • bread;
  • potatoes;
  • beets and carrots;
  • cereals;
  • bananas and grapes;
  • Butter cakes;
  • sugar.

The following products are allowed to be included in the menu for the week at the keto diet:

  • Milk and milk products. Allowed all dairy;
  • Meat prepared in various ways. It is better to use poultry: turkey, chicken;
  • Fish. The preferred fish species are herring, salmon and tuna;
  • Eggs.

Keto diet Sample menu for the day:

  • Breakfast. Scrambled eggs, a piece of boiled meat and cabbage salad. Unsweetened tea.
  • Lunch. Cabbage soup with fresh cabbage. Greek salad. Boiled bacon. Protein shake.
  • Dinner. Boiled fish.

Between meals allowed snack: a glass of sour milk product (kefir, fermented baked milk), yogurt, cottage cheese.