Ginger Diet

Diet Ginger is a kind of power system, built on the addition to the diet ginger root. Many spices  Features of diet ginger
 and spices come to us from the East .  A variety of taste, aroma and flavor, they give the dish more rich and refined taste .  Ginger root - is a spice that came to us from South-East Asia and the West Indies .  It is a perennial plant grown in warm climates for culinary and medicinal purposes .  Depending on the region where the plant is grown, different taste qualities of the root and its treatment .  So, there are black and white ginger root .  Black ginger root eaten with peel .  Its taste is spicy and very sharp .  White ginger has a more delicate flavor and a mild fragrance .  At ginger grown in India and Africa, the darker the color of the roots, and taste a little bitter .  The characteristic tartness of ginger root gives the essential oil .  Burning taste due to the content of the root felt it gingerol (fenolopodobnogo substance) .  Ginger diet - the easiest way to lose weight safely .  It is called the diet for lazy people .  During this diet is not necessary to change the diet and give up favorite foods and products .

The secret of the effectiveness of ginger for weight loss diet

Since ancient times, ginger root is used for weight loss .  Ginger diet - it is an easy, historically proven and safe method of weight loss .  Ginger root not only improves heart function and blood flow speeds, but also enhances the metabolism .  Any funds from ginger root is removed from the cells of the body of excess water and waste products .  Biologically active substances in the composition of ginger root muffle appetite and reduce hunger .  In a review of the diet ginger it says that the result is noticeable after the first week of use .  Weight out gradually, so it is necessary to stick to a diet ginger for at least two months .  During the diet gradually decreases the volume of the stomach .  Ginger weight loss diet can be combined with regular exercise .  During the first ten days of the diet usually takes no more than one and a half kilograms .  For a month you can get rid of five or six extra kilos .  Some reviews on diet ginger said that its efficiency is doubled with gentle changing diet towards calorie reduction .

Ginger diet - Recipes and recommendations

For weight loss, you can cook a simple tool based on ginger. One teaspoon of grated ginger to a fine grater to mix with two or three drops of lemon juice, add a little salt, stir and eat before the meal (water, do not drink). Through this means the food is easily digested, and the body is gradually cleansed of toxins. But the main recipe for ginger in the diet is considered tea with ginger.

The easiest recipe for ginger tea: put in a thermos chopped ginger root into thin strips, pour boiling water and drink throughout the day.

Ginger for weight loss diet approach and the following recipe of ginger tea: finely chopped a small piece of root ginger, pour clean water, bring to a boil and simmer on low heat for fifteen minutes. Add a little cold tea lemon juice and honey. It is known that the actress Demi Moore adds to this balm and mint tea.

The most effective weight loss diet ginger found ginger tea with garlic. It is necessary to take one piece of ginger, garlic, and one part of twenty parts of water. Insist in a thermos quarter of an hour, strain and drink throughout the day.

Ginger  Menu ginger diet
   You can constantly brewing a green or black tea. Brewed tea strain and pour it into a thermos. Several pieces of peeled ginger root and put in a thermos to drink brew.

For a perfect diet ginger tea with cinnamon and ginger. One teaspoon of green tea to brew for about five minutes. A small piece of ginger cut into thin plate. To add ginger stick cloves, cardamom pods, two and a pinch of ground cinnamon. A mixture of spices pour green tea and bring to a boil, then cook on low heat for about twenty minutes. Then drink can add honey and lemon juice to taste. Ready tea infuse for about five minutes, and then pour into the pot and serve.

During ginger diet should drink one glass of ginger tea with empty stomach in the morning. Total during the day should drink at least one liter of beverage. Since ginger tea has a tonic effect, it should not drink before going to bed. After cooking, ginger tea must always drain, otherwise the drink will be very busy. Cut the ginger need to thin petals. By volume should take a piece of ginger the size of a plum on average two liters of water.

During ginger diet can make a salad. To prepare the salad finely chop need a carrot and a baked beets. Stir and add the orange zest, lemon juice, ginger powder, celery. All components mix again and fill with two tablespoons of vegetable oil. Lettuce stimulates the stomach, pancreas, colon, kidney, liver, heart and gallbladder.

Ginger diet helps lose weight, strengthen the immune system, increase the rate of metabolic processes in the body.

Contraindications diet ginger

Ginger diet for weight loss can be used not for everyone. It can not be used if you are hypersensitive ginger, allergies to citrus, as well as for hypertension and a tendency to bleed. The medical review of diet ginger is said that this method of weight loss can not be used for peptic ulcer, cholelithiasis. Eating ginger can provoke its worsening traffic and cause stones. Do not also apply ginger recipes diet during pregnancy and breastfeeding.