Fluid diet

The meaning of a liquid diet that during 5 days you need to eat food in liquid or pasty form.

 Fluid diet

Positive results are explained by a low-calorie liquid diet diet and the fact that at the time of its observance of the stomach and reduces the amount of people accustomed to suck less than the usual amount of food, and thus ceases to overeat.

There are two types of diets: the first involves the use of broths, juices and broths and judging by the reviews, liquid diet menu with more rigid and is not well tolerated by all. The second diet menu has soups, liquid porridge, which is more familiar to humans, and therefore easier to bear.

A liquid diet №1

Eating fractional interval between meals - 1 hour. You can dine at 22.00.

The daily menu of the liquid diet is as follows:

  • 1st meal: 250ml oat broth, 250ml of unsweetened coffee or tea. To prepare a decoction of oatmeal, pour a tablespoon of oatmeal spoon 250ml boiling water, soak 10 minutes, strain.
  • 2nd meal: 250ml vegetable broth.
  • 3rd meal: fruit juice 250ml, diluted 3: 1 with water.
  • 4th meal: 250ml milk fat content of not more than 1, 5%.
  • 5th meal: 250ml of hot water.
  • 6th meal: 250ml of decoction of fruit or berries.
  • 7th meal: 250ml of weak broth of meat.
  • 8th and 9th meal: 250ml of hot water boiled.
  • 10th meal. 250ml water, diluted juice from vegetables, 125ml of warm boiled water.
  • 11th meal: 250ml vegetable broth.
  • 12th meal: 250ml of hot water boiled.
  • 13th meal: 250ml buttermilk fat content not greater than 1, 5-2, 5%.

The result of the liquid diet, in addition to weight loss, at the wrong exit from it, can be a dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract. To avoid complications three days after the diet recommended to eat in this mode:

first day:

In this example, the menu breakfast starts at 9:00, dinner - at 21:00.

Analyzing the various reviews of the liquid diet, it was found that the optimum three-hour intervals to do between meals.

  • 1st meal. 250g vegetable mashed potatoes, carrots, cabbage. Before use, you can pour the yogurt
  • 2nd meal: stewed tomatoes with yogurt - 3pc.
  • 3rd meal: shredded cooked carrots with honey and apple juice.
  • 4th meal: 250 g salad of boiled potatoes, carrots, cabbage, seasoned with yogurt.
  • 5th meal: salad 250g of cooked pumpkin and cauliflower, dressed with yogurt.

second day:

  • 1st meal: salad of boiled vegetables, stewed cabbage and carrots, seasoned with yogurt.
  • 2nd meal: 250ml liquid rice / semolina, cooked in water. Milk can be added, but only for 10 minutes before end of cooking, and only one, 5% fat.
  • 3rd meal: soup made of vegetables or salad with yogurt and grated raw vegetables, a piece of bread.
  • 4th meal: 250g mashed pumpkin or potatoes with the addition of ¼ cup skim milk, tea / coffee without sugar.
  • 5th meal. 250g grated carrots or cabbage boiled with the addition of juice from apples and honey.

the third day:

  • 1st meal. 250g buckwheat or semolina, cooked in low-fat milk, 250ml of broth of vegetables.
  • 2nd meal: vegetable salad, a slice of bread.
  • 3rd meal: soup, vegetables, barley, rice cereal, mushrooms.
  • 4th meal: vegetable stew with garlic, herbs, lemon zest.
  • 5th meal: fresh vegetables, a piece of dried bread, cheese or low-fat cottage cheese.

There are reviews of a liquid diet, that the way out of it is better tolerated if between meals to drink 3 cups of boiling hot water.

A liquid diet № 2. Lightweight

The first day liquid diet

  • Breakfast: oatmeal gruel (after cooking if there is water, it is necessary to drink), three cucumber, green tea.
  • Lunch: vegetable soup 250ml, 250ml of yogurt with low fat content.
  • Dinner: a portion of muesli, filled with milk or juice.

The second day of the diet

  • Breakfast: 150g low fat cottage cheese drizzled with yogurt, green tea.
  • Lunch: Buckwheat milk soup.
  • Dinner: 2 cucumbers, 3 tomatoes.

The third day liquid diet

  • Breakfast: cereal with milk or juice, 250ml milk.
  • Lunch: vegetable soup, one serving.
  • Dinner: 500ml low-fat yogurt.  Throughout liquid diet consumed only liquid or mushy food

fourth day

  • Breakfast: 250ml juice from oranges, three apples.
  • Lunch: chicken broth, green tea.
  • Dinner: oatmeal, steamed boiling water, if left, will also need to drink. green tea.

The fifth day

  • Breakfast: 400ml of liquid yogurt.
  • Lunch: 500ml juice of vegetables, three tomatoes.
  • Dinner: oat flakes, steamed in boiling water.

During liquid diet can be additionally use non-carbonated mineral or pure water.

The results of the liquid diet - five days takes 4-5 kilograms.